fayemo(3b)May 12, 2010

I am perplexed that I have so many daffodils that do not set blooms. The foliage is healthy appearing. They have enough nutrients in the gardens they are in. They have increased in number but NO flowers. Today I pulled out 100's of them and disposed of them. I do have some blooms but most plants do not bloom. This is the second or third year this has happened.

What is wrong ?

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Hey...me too, I don't have hundreds but I do have zero flowers!


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This can happen when they get too crowded. Try digging them up, spreading them out, and giving the extras to your friends.

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I am pretty sure mine are not overcrowded, there are like 6 of them all in separate parts of the garden...I just fail at bulbs unless they are potted...LOL.

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Two years ago, I had a lot of nonbloomers, and put down bone meal/bulb food, and made sure the foliage was not mowed until it died. Had tons of flowers last year, but got lazy and did not put down any more bone meal. This spring--2 flowers--and hubby has the kayaks parked over the top of them. I think I will put some bone meal on this weekend and do a little TLC, like moving the kayaks.

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As an afterthought--I also cut off the spent blooms and flower stems, too.

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