Coral Bark lost leaves in 1 day??

ladyj08November 6, 2008

I bought a coral bark Japanese Maple about 1 month ago and transplanted into the ground- amended the soil with topsoil. I have watered it every other day and it was doing great- even some new growth.

Yesterday I watered the Maple more than usual-(due to my 3 year old son helping) and today when I came home my maple has almost lost all of the leaves. The leaves have curled up and just fall off. There are some new growth leaves closer to the trunk that still look healthy but the remaining leaves have completely curled up and either have fallen off or about to.

Today was a little warmer than the past few weeks. The japanese maple gets morning sun. Please help- this is my first maple!!

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Too much water would be my guess. Unless it is real hot where you live, once a week is plenty, even for a newly planted tree.
Better to water deeply once a week than to simply water some every other day. Then again, this is the time of year the leaves fall off naturally. The browning of leaf tips & curling of leaves though does sometimes indicate too much water. Excessively hot temps can also curl the leaves.
I believe the tree will be fine and will leaf out next Spring so, no worries. Some nice compost worked gently and shallowly into the soil around your tree next Spring is beneficial. This is often done instead of fertilization. Good luck.

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My neighbors' decades old coral bark maples lost their leaves all in one day this year. We've had somewhat unusual weather in the NW - the leaves stayed on longer and then when they went it was whoosh and gone.

I re-potted a small JM a few days ago and all the leaves fell off in the process. They were just ready to go.

so I guess I am saying, maybe it was just the timing and not really a problem

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