Stuff available to dig again

CEFreeman(DC/MD Burbs 7B)August 13, 2012


It's that time of year I'd like to offer things to anyone willing to dig. I'm on the south side of Bowie, so although some things are better left for fall digging, I thought I'd offer an opportunity to see some in action. Crape myrtles, for example.

I have

6 'Carolina Red' Crape Myrtles ranging from 3' to 8' tall.

a very mature 'Coppertina' physocarpus (?) I'm going to kill if it doesn't go.

more than a few ornamental grasses of all sizes that I've been putting Round-Up on, so they're dig-able. If not, the Round-up continues.

innumerable ditch lilies

several small shrub, dark pink, unnamed Crape Myrtles

several to-be-very tall, dark pink, unnamed Crape Myrtles

lots of Chocolate vine (beware)

lots of 'Mardi Gras' honeysuckle (beware)

lots of 'Mandarin Orange' honeysuckle (beware)

lots of a red, hybrid honeysuckle (beware)

a tall, double blooming, yellow-flowered shrub. Grows in canes.

Vlad's thornless black berries

TONS of native honeysuckle. Grows into trees. (beware)

chocolate mint (smells gorgeous, but beware)

and pretty much anything else you want if you come dig.

The CMs are in bloom, so you could catch the color.

Although these are definitely free, I need dirt. A large bag of leaf compost would be appreciated, as would plant dirt. Not necessary, but it would help fill the holes.

If I can think of more, I'll add it to the list.



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Christine, I'm interested in your grasses. Do you know exactly what kind they are?

I have a lot of dirt, too. Do you mind that it's clay dirt? It holds moisture really well, so it's not for succulents or anything that needs fast draining soil. It needs to be mixed with leaf mold first for best results.

Where exactly are you located? How can I get in touch with you?

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CEFreeman(DC/MD Burbs 7B)

If you (everyone) would take a moment and enable email responses, I would reply. As it is, some don't even have it available thru their member page. I'm not ignoring you, but communication's gotta go both ways. Paranoia is healthy, but you can enable email from members.

Paranoia: why I'm not going to post my phone number here as requested.

I got stuff. You want it, we gotta be able to talk! :)

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CEFreeman(DC/MD Burbs 7B)

ssmdgardener, I can't reach you to respond to your email.

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lynnt(Z7 MD)

Is your yellow double-flowered shrub kerria japonica by any chance? Pointy leaves with sawtooth edges, flowers like 1" marigolds? If so, I'd love to come get some; mine has faded out over the past two years.

Is your coppertina still there?

I'd be happy to bring a couple tubs of leaf mulch in return.


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