drought, or something else?

hairmetal4ever(Z7 MD)August 22, 2007

Lots of oaks seem to be covered in brown leaves in my area (Howard County, MD) and I'm not sure if it's drought, or oak wilt or something?

Other trees have lost leaves too, some maples, and when I was at Dulles Airport last weekend, I saw some Callery Pears IN FULL BLOOM! The only thing I can think of is that they defoliated and then got watered either by rain or a late-arriving irrigation crew. Will those survive the winter, or will they be so thrown off they don't survive?

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I'm in Ho Co too. It's the drought. Trees will cast off a lot of their leaves in response to drought, starting with the shade leaves on the inside and bottom of the tree. But unless they are newly planted, they will be fine. There is no drought that would kill a healthy oak tree.

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It is probably just the extra dry July and early August. But my neighbor lost a huge, formerly healthy oak tree.

There is a disease called sudden oak death that may have come to the east coast from California recently with nursery grown rhododendrons acting as carriers. Though, after some research we decided that what was killing her oak was a disease called oak decline which has been in this area since before 1900. Drought makes trees more susceptible.

An internet search should turn up pictures and lists of symptoms of both diseases. All the effort and money she spent trying to save it came to nothing and it had to be taken down because of safety issues.

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