Iris Photos

jel48(Z4 Michigan)June 6, 2007

Some of the iris from my new Hosta/Iris Bed. These are the earlier blooming ones - photos from Friday June 1st.

Changing Seasons

Can't recall this one at the moment

Classic Bordeaux

Crimson Snow

Rapture in Blue

Starship Enterprise

Strange Brew


Baltic Star

An unknown variety

Does anyone else have Iris photos to share? I'd love to see them.

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zenpotter(z4 MN)

Oh my, nothing to compare to those. They are lovely.

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rubybaby43(z4 MN/n. metro)

I love irises! I'm waiting for my new Schreiner's catalog so I can order more to plant in the fall!

Our lives have been in a whirlwind during the past year. I cannot find my info that I saved on my irises so I'm not 100% sure of all of their names. But here is what I have blooming right now...

This is the last of my dwarf irises. I also have dark purples and periwinkles.

And the Tall bearded....

I believe this is Autumn Tryst...


These are very special to me because when my grandma passed away in September 2002 I dug up a small chunk of her garden. I thought I was digging up Star of Bethlehem since those were what I grabbed a hold of as I pulled them up with the soil. But lo and behold these babies came up the following spring. I didn't have a clue I had rhizomes as they had already died back by the time I dug my treasure up. I don't know their name...they are old though. This pic is from last year. They bloom mid-season. I LOVE them!!

I never did get any Star of Bethlehem but I do have something unfamiliar growing along side of Grandma's irises now....I have no clue what they are. The leaves are iris-like but thin and whippy and you can see a few small white buds forming. For all I know I have another treasure...I would love them to finally be the Stars! Any ideas would be appreciated.

Kristy :)

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luvmydaisies(Lonsdale, MN/ zone4)

Here are some photos of Joyce's irises I took while at her house on Sunday!!

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luvmydaisies(Lonsdale, MN/ zone4)

Jel48, I hope you don't mind that I posted your flowers, but they are SO pretty and you had them listed in your post so I just wanted to add.

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rubybaby43(z4 MN/n. metro)

I forgot to add that I really do love that Starship Enterprise!! Wowwee!!!
Kristy :)

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carmellia(z 4 Minn)

Joyce, the photos are almost as beautiful as in person. They are all gorgeous, but it is the Imprimis that I covet. Carmellia

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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

Ooh, so beautful. Thanks for sharing.

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jel48(Z4 Michigan)

Thanks everybody, I'm glad you liked the iris. I'm absolutely loving them. Kristie I love yours too. And Atica, your photos of my iris are gorgeous.. much better then the ones I took and I don't mind your posting them at all!

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