Watermelong growth is stunted??

srj19(4)June 25, 2009

I've got some watermelon that's been planted as a seedling since May 15th. It grew a tad (3 inches or so), but now with plenty of watering and summer heat, nothing much is happening. It's strange because melons planted there before have grown like mad.

It wasn't root bound when I planted it. The only other thing I can think of is that it's too close to some raspberries (which are supposed to affect tomatoes but not sure if it affects melons)

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jonas302(central mn 4)

Mine are the same way also planted on the same date it got to cold and I am pretty sure they are stunted I think its to late but I am going to put a few seeds in tomorrow just to see how they do

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rubybaby43(z4 MN/n. metro)

Count me in among those with watermelon plants that are very slow to grow. Mine has been in since mid-May as well and I am just NOW starting to see a little new growth. I think not only the late cold spell but the early heatwave was tough on them too.

Wondering if we'll be able to make it before our first frost at this point!?

Kristy :)

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I planted 4 seedlings in the ground May 17th. They just sat there until a few weeks ago. One plant didn't make it. They're finally growing now. I also noticed the same thing with 2 Armenian cucumber plants, which are actually in the melon family. The regular cucumbers have outgrown them 3 to 1.

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I don't know anything about growing melons, but, I wonder if it is the weather because my annual flowers are just sitting in the ground looking at me and seemingly refusing to grow much to spite having been fertilized and watered properly. Another frustrating summer for weather, I am thinking I will move someplace warmer....

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I'm wondering if putting a clear dome over these to give it some greenhouse effect might help. Other than that I'm just speculating.

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rubybaby43(z4 MN/n. metro)

Well, my watermelon plant has started growing...but my tomatoes aren't producing much yet. I have two large plants and only one has maybe 6 tomatoes on it. The other has been flowering, but not much (same with tomatillo). I have plenty of flowers nearby and plenty of bees visiting the area.

Usually by this time of year the things are weighted down with tomatoes! My green beans are slow going as well. Haven't done anything different from years past....could it really still be from the wacky weather we had earlier in the season?

Anyone else's veggies still coming along very slowly?

Kristy :)

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All my tomato plants are heavy with fruit. A few may even be turning colors (could be wishful thinking). The pole beans are over 6 feet tall, but no beans yet. The pepper plants (all in containers) are producing well. Ate my first Anaheim pepper the other day. The watermelon haven't grown much, but one plant is flowering.

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My experience is about the same as others. The cukes are growing like mad, the squash is picking up, and one cantaloupe and one watermelon are bringing up the rear, but finally starting to take off. I think, as others have suggested, it was the cold soil we had for so long in the spring.

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When do you all plant your watermelons? I read online that certain types are recommended to plant 2 weeks AFTER last frost (basically June 1) although I believe my directions were for last frost. Soil temp apparently is quite important.

Next year, I'm thinking about puting them in on May 15th again but covering with some kind of clear dome to ensure the warm conditions.

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