Killing bugs in mulched rows.

rustico_2009October 18, 2013

Mulching creates an infestation of earwigs and pill bugs around here.
I really need a way to prevent weeds around my beds though.
Is sprinkling Spinosad pellets in the mulched areas from time to time a reasonable solution/cost effective, not toxic? Anything else instead?

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never heard of spinosad pellets but i would go by whats on the label. i've given up on organic mulch...too many slugs here.

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One thing I don't have is slugs.

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I use landscape fabric for mulch, does a far better job than straw/hay and lasts for at least 15 seasons, if you take it up in the fall and store it indoors. Though voles will try and live under the fabric at certain times of the year.

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Insects build up resistance to Spinosad fairly quickly. As boulderbelt suggested, can you lay landscape fabric instead? That would be a more cost-effective solution.

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