Winter watering schedule for newly planted japanese maples?

sahk1942(7)November 18, 2013

Greetings. I am very new to gardening -- planted my first 2 young trees about a month ago. I planted an Anaba Shidare and Seiryu japanese maple. They were in the ground a few weeks before we had two back-to-back nights of 21 degree temps. I covered their leaves with a frost blanket since they were so newly planted. It appears as though the freezing temps forced them to begin shutting down for the winter.

So my question is this -- what type of watering schedule do these young trees need during the winter? Everyone says it is very important to keep young trees watered until they are well established, but I don't know if I should also water them during the winter? Do I keep the ground a little moist, even during the cold months?

I appreciate your advice. I want these trees to be the focal point of the front yard, so I am trying to give them the best care I can.

Thank you.

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How often or even if you need to water at all will depend on your weather. Here in the moist PNW, once fall hits and the leaves begin to drop, I never need to water anything outdoors.......and that includes all my containerized maples as well. We get as much natural irrigation as necessary from Ma Nature :-)

However, if you live somewhere where it tends to be quite dry in winter, yes, you will need to water periodically. Typically since temperatures are lower in winter, soils do not dry out as rapidly as they do during the growing season. And trees in dormancy do not need the same degree of hydration as they are not going through any transpiration. But you do not want the soil (and therefore the root system) to dry completely.

Check the soil periodically as may be determined by weather conditions. If very dry to the touch down to the second knuckle, then provide water. I can't think of many places in your zone where you would need to do this more than a two or three times during the winter months. The soil should be just moist to the touch.

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