Admit1(4b)June 8, 2012

Do you guys do anything special with your Azaleas in the winter, in the Azaleas section they said for 4B that I should at least cover them in the winter with some kind of sack or something.

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Which Azaleas?

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I have a selection of the "Northern Lights" azaleas and do absolutely nothing to protect them. Mine are just peaking now.

If this is what you have - rather than those so common in the Mid Atlantic and South regions of the US - these were developed by the U of M to withstand -30 degrees and released back in 1978. Some winters we get sustained temps lower than that and they don't miss a beat.

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I honestly don't know the type they are from Home Depot thats all I know.

I should probably start watching the tags a bit more.

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Could they possibly be the very popular PJM Rhododendrons - a close cousin to the azalea - with the clusters of lavender or lavender pink flowers? These are everywhere at HD, Menard's, etc. Some of my neighbors have those and I've never seen them covered for winter.

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I have Azaleas and Rhododendrons so I am able to tell the difference. They were full of BRIGHT pink flowers when I got them.

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