Osakazuki color missing

maro(z8 WA)November 6, 2006

The thread on Best Fall Color prompted me to ask, can someone tell me why my Osakazuki maple didn't turn the brilliant color that it did last year?

I kept waiting . . . It went from a beautiful green to dull green-browns, to the color shown today. Fertilize? More water? Mulch? Vitamins?

It was planted last June.

Last fall

This August (not November as it says)

Today, the leaves are almost gone with all the rain and wind last night.

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davidcf(7 GA)

Autumn color varies from year to year, either subtly or significantly. I have pear trees that turn yellow most years, and red other years.

Regarding Osakazuki's, I have 4, and not until this year have they displayed a good red - perhaps the dry late summer had an effect.

Regarding your Osakazuki, I don't know what you expected, but it looks quite colorful to me. In the past, mine have just turned a russet color.

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Not all stock on market true-to-name, too.

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maro(z8 WA)

Thank you for your replies.

davidcf, that might have been confusing to put LAST fall's color in the first picture. THIS fall, the color turned from the green in the middle picture to fairly dark, and then a couple of days ago a shade lighter as in the third picture. I expected last fall's color to be repeated this year.

Would that possibly change your answer?

bboy, I do hope that is not the reason. But would it have been that brilliant red last fall if so? This is from a reputable grower.



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myersphcf(z6a IL)

I think it is MUCH more likely a condition thing rather than a genetic thing...some years are just more "color" years than others ...but soil conditions also play a part especially if you augmented the planting hole last year with "outside soil" which as big as it has become in just one year the roots are probably already out of that aumented stuff and into your "natural soil composition" therefore it may be a fertilizer thing ...if that is in fact what happened.... if not then i stand by yearly conditions of heat humidity rainfall etc as the reason and you may or may not have nice color next year depending on the above...David

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gomero(SW France, Z8)

All japanese maples require adequate soil loisture in the fall as well as some cold and some sunshine to display full fall color. If any of those is missing or not adequate, colors will be dissapointing.

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maro(z8 WA)

David and Gomoro -

Thank you for your input. I know the tree was planted properly, with no "outside" soil. So-o-o it must need a little better care and a little luck with the weather.

Thanks, Maro

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