1 or 2 potted Japanese Maples for SE UK

cllbDecember 15, 2013

Hi there
Apologies for my almost total lack of knowledge, but this seemed like the best place to find out some information.
I want to buy one or two potted Japanese Maple trees (not the same variety) for my mother for her birthday in March. She recently came to visit me in Vancouver, Canada and loved the deep red colours of many of the maples in October.
So I'd love to get her a couple of little trees which wont need planting in the ground and wont grow massively large to quickly. Ideally they'd produce good looking foliage from Spring until Autumn, but have those lovely deep reds and/or oranges once Autumn/Fall arrives.
I'd probably have to buy online somewhere in the UK and get them delivered to my parents home in South East England, where the climate is generally temperate and mild year round. In recent years there is often a couple of weeks of snow but nothing major and they have a little brick and glass room that the plants can be moved into when it gets inclement.
What species/varieties should I be investigating?

Many thanks in advance for any help

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Sorry,I meant to get back to you earlier but wasn't sure of the best advice to give.I live in SE England and have 50 different JMs so you'd think the garden would be a blaze of colour in autumn.The truth is it isn't.Autumn colours are very variable anyway but we rarely seem to get the right conditions for a good display.Invariably I just get a hint of what might be as the last few leaves turn lovely colours.
Having said that this shouldn't put you off,choosing a very sheltered position will help greatly as will autumn sunshine(our downfall ha)
If you want bright red,'Osakazuki' is renouned for this,having a slight orange hue it really can glow and after 3years mine is finally showing this trait.It will be plain green the rest of the year though.You can also take your pick from the many red cultivars out there,they nearly all have red autumn colours however 'Bloodgood' here has never shone for me despite being one of the few still with leaves on at the peak time.The rest of the year they're all dark purple here,despite claims none really shine above others.A constantly reliable performer for me has been 'Sango Kaku',again plain green the rest of year,it always produces good orange then yellow autumn colours,and the younger stems are bright red.
Sorry I can't be of more help but autumn colours are simply not guaranteed here.

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