Potting soil for maples, what I have at disposal.

fabricecDecember 4, 2012

Hi all
I have read most of Al's posts concerning potting soil and intend to repot my 25 maples next spring. I would like to follow his recommendation as much as I can but Turface is not available and granite in small quantities in the Aquarium section of garden shops. Pine Bark is no problem, even very fine.
So : I have at hand in quantities for a cheap price red crushed lava, clay beads big and small, and perlite.
I intend to do a 1:1:1 mix with fine bark, red crushed lava and perlite. I know it's not really the recipe but I have to get by with what I have at hand.
All elements will be screened to the proper size.
Do you think of a better option considering what I have at disposal ?
So far I have grown my maples with half loam half bark in Air Pots with no loss.
They are nice but not really thriving.

Thanks for any help


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Sorry, I forgot : i live in Northern France near the coast, so most of the time humid.

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An example of a perfect mix is 60% Pine Bark, 20% Peat Moss, and 20% Perlite.

Great information is available from Maplestone Ornamentals.

Here is a link that might be useful: Japanese Maple Planting and Care

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