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MinnetonkaJenJune 7, 2013


Moved to Huge-Minnetonka-.58Acre-House in Winter (from Small-Seattle-Urban-NoGarden-Condo)...plants are everywhere and I have been busily trying to ID everything and taking out invasives and adding some natives. Need help with a few if you have the time!

Thanks in advance ...

One is green and clumping but seems to be spreading low in a landscaped garden. Pic attached

The other is sending up lots of shoots with reddish stems and greenish leaves with some red-purple in leaves...

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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

I was sitting next to my astilbe and looking at the leaf this afternoon. It reminded me of your photo, so maybe it is astilbe. Is it in a shaded area?

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I agree with mnwsgal. It looks like an astilbe. Expect plumes of white to pink to red flowers in a few weeks if the weather ever warms up. Astilbe are a well-behaved plant in my experience. Have fun on your adventure. My lot is less than an acre and I still am amazed at what pops up. :) Please keep posting photos if you'd like. I enjoy IDing plants.

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So glad you both took the time to ID these! It's been overwhelming to try to figure them all out in my own...

I'll let you know what happens with thiamine once we get some sun! I'm super excited to see them bloom-if so!

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dandy_line(3B (Brainerd, Mn))

Looks lie Aruncus 'Goats Beard' to me. Will produce giant plumes of white flowers in a month or so.
By the way-there is a 'Name that plant' forum specifically for these questions. I use it all the time.

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Hi Jen - I too live in Minnetonka. I've been here for 13 years. Prior to that lived near Cedar Lake in Minneapolis.
Where in Minnetonka are you? I live not far from Ridgedale. Feel free to email me through my member page. I would be happy to help you identify any mystery plants..... although I have a few of my own!


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