Propagation of Norway maples ?

twroszDecember 29, 2006

Unfortunately, Norway maples are generally not hardy in my extreme climate, but there does exist some trees in which have been situated in very protected spots. Though, several years ago I had come across a red leafed form that was happily growing away in the beautiful mountain town of Jasper, Alberta. I'm soon travelling there and was wanting to collect scions for propagation. Now, I was wondering if these could be SPRING budded (chip budded) onto understock ... or does one have to wait until late summer? I've otherwise been successful with this method, as it does not require the bark needing to slip.


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Red-leaved Norway maple is probably either crimson king or crimson queen (both properly red all year round) or Schwedleri (red on young growth only). All 3 of these will show a high degree of red in seedlings. About 50% of crimson king seedlings are true to their parent I believe for example. They germinate well too and grow fast (I have a load of bright red crimson king seedlings padding out a mixed hedge for example, 1 of which is better than its parent IMO). In other words if there is seed to be had grab a load of it, sow it in a protected bed (ours provides volunteers by the dozen) and pick your favourite. I can't answer your question regarding the grafting but thought you might like to know it may not be necessary.

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In the areas they are hardy, they have wreaked havoc on natural areas and become a major invasive pest plant. If you're going to propogate something, why not a sugar maple or red maple?

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tai_haku, thanks for suggesting collecting and growing the seeds, sounds like a good idea to me! ... just too bad I had not read your message while I was there in Japer!

quirkyquercus, there are very Norwary maples able to survive my severe climate, so guess no worry about them becoming an invasive pest, but I appreciate the info! Indeed I am also interested in attempting both the sugar and red maples. Thanks guys!


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