Halloween market item ideas

deanriowa(4b)October 8, 2008

I would like to grow some items to sell next year at a small store.

I thought about growing the following:

Wee-B-Little - Pumpkin

Howden - Pumpkin

Lumina - Pumpkin - white

I noticed the Lumina pumpkin is only about 10-12 lbs, is that going to be big enough for people to buy.

Any other suggestions on items to grow, maybe gourds?



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The guy next to me in my market sells the hell out of squirel corn. I mean just regular yellow field corn .50 an ear sells 20-25 ears a week all year long he also sells indian corn three ears in a bundle for $2.00-$2.50. sells alot of it. If he doesn't sell it, he just packs it up and brings it back next week.

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diggerdee zone 6 CT

What do you mean by squirrel corn? Do you mean corn that you feed to the squirrels? (I did a google search and the first hit, of all things, was a plant on the CT Botanical Society's website that is in the bleeding heart family! Which, by the way, is threatened...)

Anyway, the Indian corn sounds like a good idea if you have the room for it. One of our vendors sells gourds that have been made into birdhouses. I don't know how many she sells, but there are always lookers at her table.


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If you are growing corn you can cut and dry the stalks for fall decorations.Pumpkins will sell no matter the size. Some want small size for table decorations.Gourds need to be grown the year prior so they can cure out. Small Assorted type may not need the time to fully dry, as they will lose their color.

If you have nut trees you can pick them up and have small baskets of them.

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The Wee-B-Little pumpkins are a GREAT seller! I dont grow them (I buy wholesale off of a friend of mine), but I paint faces on them and sell. BUT... I have alot of people who buy them unpainted. Especially teachers who want them for their class. The gourds are great also. Even the fresh, bird house gourds sell even though they are not dried yet. Gourds of different verieties.. people use them in their fall displays. IF you have room for regular feild corn... be it for the corn, or the stalk bundles. Broom corn was a HUGE hit for me this year. It is a nice change from the regular corn stalks.

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