poisonous mushrooms on tree roots

brit1(7)August 23, 2013

I am very worried. We have dogs and lately have been finding mushrooms (ID'd them online as possible Death Caps!) growing on tree roots. It was a huge oak tree and several years ago we had it taken down but left the root so that a young small tree could grow and it has. Now I am wondering if I should just take down the new tree plus the lilies and other stuff growing around it and also have the old roots removed? I cannot sleep worrying about the mushrooms growing on it. Plus like alot of other people we have had mushrooms (different kind) popping up in the lawn but am hoping next year this won't happen but I don't think anything is going to stop the ones growing on the tree roots. We took a pic axe and hacked away at some of it today. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks brit

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Sorry but the mushrooms are going to become more plentiful before they finish their job. In Feb 2010 we had a 2.5' diameter Silver Maple removed but left the stump cut low enough that I put soil over it and planted grass. We've had steadily more mushrooms each season so far and this year has been the worst. The mushrooms that are growing have taproots! Anyway, I just mow over them but one is in the garden and almost the size of a football. I don't have dogs so I don't really care about the mushrooms and actually like them since they are helping to break down our old tree. Even with a stump grinder, you're going to get mushrooms growing on the roots in the grass 10' away from the stump. I would consult your veterinarian about the possible effects eating mushrooms could have on your dogs. There are plenty of dangers inside the house too, i.e. raisins, chocolate, underwear....etc.

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thank you so much for your helpful info. Sounds like after awhile they die off? We make a point to check every day to see if one has sprouted up and our current dog shows no interest although we do not take chances. I hope that now we are going to remove the lilies and other stuff growing around the tree stump not only will it make it easier to spot them but they won't have shade to enhance their growth plus area will dry out better. We did allow a small tree to grow out of the original root, do you think we should cut it down to eliminate ANY shade?

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