Who's growing Baker Creek Thai Pink Egg tomatoes?

alfie_md6August 2, 2004

Baker Creek Seeds sent them out free with every order. To me, they taste about as good as the tomatoes you get on your hamburger at Burger King. (Meaning, not at all.) I'm putting them in the compost for now, and the whole plant is going in the compost next week, if they don't improve.

I'm a bit baffled by Baker Creek's business strategy in sending out free seeds for such a lousy variety, though. According to the catalog, "the crisp pink fruit are bursting with natural goodness, sweet and rich." It makes me wonder about the accuracy of their descriptions for all of their other seeds.

The one lemon cucumber I've picked so far went in the compost too, but the seeds came from Southern Exposure, not Baker Creek, and I paid for them. If the cucumbers continue inedible, I will pull them up too, which at least will solve my usual cucumber worry, which is insane excess :-). Plus there will be more room for the fall crops...

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The lemon cucumbers are good, it turns out, but you have to pick them when they are no bigger than an egg, at the latest. By the time they are lemon-sized, it's too late. Actually, very small cucumbers is a benefit, because it reduces the total cucumber biomass :-).

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aka_peggy(Central Md 6b)


I grew one of those Thai pink egg toms from Baker Creek also and agree they're tasteless and yes they'll soon be compost.

Some folks on the tomato forum often report significant differences in the taste of even the more highly rated types from 1 yr to the next...or 1 month to the next. However, I don't hold out much hope for this one. And catalog descriptions are so often such a joke aren't they? (ever wonder about the descriptions that have no comments about the taste?)

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Well, Peggy, if you say so too, then it must be true! I'm very glad I only grew one plant. I can't believe there's such a thing as a home-grown tomato that isn't even worth bothering to eat, and I grew Celebrity for several years, before I learned better.

As for variability, the much-praised German Red Strawberry and Green Grape are ok, though nothing to inspire any excitement -- but I am holding off on judgment for these varieties until we get some decent tomato weather, or maybe I'll even try them again next year before deciding. (Of course, even in a bad year, Arkansas Traveller is always good.)

But why on earth would a company send out free seeds for a yucky variety, thereby PROVING that their catalog descriptions are hooey?

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I was doing a search on the internet for Thai Pink Egg tomatoes and I saw this info on Garden Web. I am also a member of Garden Web, and I agree with you that the Thai Pink Egg tomato is tasteless, kind of tangy. But I did just eat one with my BLT sandwich, and it was OK since the bacon covered up the taste :-)

Is anyone planning to contact Baker Creek seeds to let them know we are dissatisfied with their choice of free seeds? I plan on it.

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shireen(Baltimore, MD/7)

Thank You! You just saved me the trouble of starting them for my winter indoor hydroponics garden.

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adrianag(AL z7)

Phew! I came across last-year's unopened freebie and was tempeted to grow it, now I have room for at least 6 more varieties :>)

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happyskunk(Idaho - zone 7B)

Lemon cucumber are awesome and I just watched a video where Geoff Lawton said his favorite tomato variety is Pink Thai. Now I have to try it.

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