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2ajsmamaOctober 16, 2012

Don't know if you can help - I just thinned out my strawberries a little (took off runners that hadn't rooted, or rooted outside the row). I read an article that said to do this by mid-Oct since plants are setting buds now for next year's fruit and you want the energy to go into that. Still pretty thick - I can't even count how many daughters off each plant.

But some of the ones I pulled out have some decent roots - any way to get them to take now in my zone 5b (edge of 6), tonight is supposed to be 34ish (may freeze) so I plan on keeping them in basement in plastic bag, but for the next week it's supposed to be in low 60's with overnight lows in the 40's. Then who knows - normal is mid 50's with lows mid-30's.

I thought maybe I'd start another bed, or give them to my cousin. But too late now? Gotta find someone who will pot them up and keep them indoors over the winter?

I'll thin out the plants more in the spring after I see what survives....

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i think its too late in the year to get them going properly. if you got runners in the early summer and then put them in plug trays and let them develop roots it would work better. then you could plant them in late summer in plastic mulch.

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I was letting the runners spread and fill in the row during the summer, just planted them in May.

Will they overwinter in pots/trays - in the basement (low light, 40's-50) or do I need to find someone who will put them in 70-degree house/greenhouse? Some do have 1-2" roots.

Maybe I just need to compost them but I hate to throw anything away.

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Sheila, I can answer that. Yes, pot them up and put them in the basement. Even if they don't have roots at this moment, lay them on some dirt and most should start rooting. they NEED some cold, don't know how much, but I know the professional strawberry growers will replace each year to keep production up (in Polk County, FL also known as Plant city Strawberries). they only get down to about 30 for a couple of weeks (it was wonderful after so many years in Indiana).

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Great - I've got a little potting soil left, I'll put them in trays (if I have some with drainage) and put them out for the next week, then take them in over the winter, maybe I can start a 2nd bed (or give them away) next spring.

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I sold some on my first year when I didn't have any produce. Didn't make money (beyond the cost for my beds), but I was noticed and remembered. any that didn't sell when into my beds after I started getting produce. I put them into hanging baskets, about 4-5 per 10" pot, so they had plenty of room for their roots to grow.

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Oh, so you sold the plants? I don't think I have enough soil for hanging baskets right now, but will remember that for next year when I thin out the beds more.

I did try selling some June-bearing strawberries for a nursery the beginning of this season, the ones I took to market didn't sell well (it was already June!).

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I sold a few and the remaining ones went into my first bed. I was selling them in May, but June I had produce. I took the bundle that I got from a nursery and divided them and planted them in hanging baskets. I think I sold 3-4, but it gave me a reason for being at the first markets and making myself noticeable as a marketer. that was my first year, didn't do that again.

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Well, you remember I took my extra veggie starts (as well as some strawberry plants from the nursery) to market starting June 1, but didn't sell that many. It was too late in what ended up being an early season - people usually plant around Mem Day here, and it was extra warm (after the late April freezes) so a lot of gardens got planted early - even the people who started too early, in April, had replaced their plants by the time market started.

Hanging baskets might work though - esp. if they'll bear that year.

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I have a few with berries, but not much. It was just an idea to have SOMETHING those first weeks. I've found that my plants tend to sell better each year, after people talk to other customers that bought from the year before.

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