shrubs of all kinds dying

donnamn3June 4, 2010

Even our 100 year old lilacs are dying. I'm sure most of it is draught, but there are cobweb type coverings on old blooms or some of the old stand-by's are just plain dead even though they received sufficient water.

Q#1. Should I cut the deadness and burn? vs Leave alone in case new growth may (or may not) appear.

Q#2. What is going on?

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The cobweb-like coverings suggest a spider mite infestation. A heavy targeted spray directed toward the problem areas, especially the undersides of the leaves, will help. But that 'shrubs of all kinds' are dyingÂif they're being kept well watered, I don't have any other suggestions. Sounds pretty serious. Any herbicides being used in the area? Do you use pesticides heavily? I'm stumped. Gary

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No herbicides or pesticides that I know of. On further investigation I find that many of the "locals" are having the same problem and we've concluded that draught and age of the plants are a factor. For some reason none of us water our shrubs enough in the spring or fall. We haven't had nearly the rain we need here up north and we seem to forget those old reliables. Neglect doesn't (always) work.

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It is a puzzle here, too.....scanty lilac bloom, and flowering crab that was always full of bloom had only about 1/3 and at the top of the tree. I've also nearly lost my wiegelia (I'm still hoping to save it). I think it was probably the early spring and then cold that did them in. I'm hoping that is it, anyway.

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We had some branch die-off too. My theory is that we had some dry summer weather last year, and then a lot of rain in the fall stimulating some late growth that did not harden off properly, that then winter-killed. Rain fall seems to be very hit or miss of late. 4 inches just a few miles away, while we had about a half inch.

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jennypat Zone 3b NW MN(Zone 3b NW MN)

It's not just shrubs, for some reason we had 4 maybe 5 of our 15 year old apple trees die in the last year. Plus a number of plums, my DH is crying! Some of those apple trees were our best! My friend who lives about 30 miles south of me also lost 2 maybe 3 apple trees, one was about 20 years old. No clue what is happening.

Jenny P

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