livvyandbella(MA.)July 12, 2009

I love the large blue hosta, don't know the name. Someone said elephant ears? Where would be the best place to purchase them?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i would guess there are about 800 large blue hosta... all with different names...

can you be a bit more specific>???


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Do you mean Abiqua Elephant Ears has it for sale $20 plus shipping

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Let me try to make this simple. I would start with Elegans. You can look it up at It is one of the most common large blue hostas. "Elephant Ears" is a term that "lay-people" (those not familiar with Hostas) have given the big ones. It generally comes from the Elephant Ear plant, which has large leaves and is also grown for it's foliage. My mother still calls the big hostas "Elephant Ears".

Your best bet is to tell us the qualities you'd like to see in your Hosta and we can make suggestions. If name doesn't matter to you, start with some of the more common/easy growers.

Happy Hosta Growing!

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lol - I have never heard anyone call large hostas 'elephant ears' before.

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I think you want . A beautiful and large blue hosta. Hallson's has it for a very reasonable price. Add a few more from their selection - you will not be disappointed with their plants!

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thisismelissa(z4a-S Twin Cities MN)

There is a bulb called "Elephant Ears"... that is NOT a hosta and it is a tropical that would need to be dug up before frost.

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silly_me(z6 SE NY)

I agree w/ Weed - I sure you're talking about Blue Angel. My niece (from MA) was visiting last year, pointed to my Blue Angel and said, "I love your Elephant Ears".

You can probably find one at Home Depot or a local nursery. Won't be huge when you first purchase, but just give it a couple years.

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bernd ny zone5(5)

LOL, after reading in this forum about Blue Angel, I planned to get one. While at Home Depot I looked at their Hostas, and there was Blue Angel, bought the only one for $6.97. Big Daddy took many years to grow, but Blue Angel is to be much faster.

I like to go to my local nursery, which happens to have top hostas. There I get pots with 4 to 5 eyes for $17 to 23, pay cash, carry it home. Got Stained Glass, Sea Thunder, Cathedral Windows, another Great Expectations, will get more. Have already made space to plant.


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Thank you for all your information. I love the look of Hostas. They are something new to me that I want to put in my garden. I recently was at a yard sale, not for plants, and the lady had such lovely gardens. I commented on her large hosta, and she said they were elephant ears.
After that I went to Maine, and here they were again in the front of the house. When I asked what they were, he said elephant ears. So of course now I was on a mission to find elephant ears. After looking at the pictures you have sent, I think you are all right and they probably are blue angel. They are huge and lovely. Of course I never realized their were so many types of Hosta. Have you ordered on line your plants? I will look in the garden centers, but if I can't find may have to try on line.
Thank you again for all this information.

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lindac(Iowa Z 5/4)

I am guessing that what you saw at the yard sale and in Maine were really Elephant ears and not Hosta.
Check the link below.
Linda C

Here is a link that might be useful: elephant ears

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I think you are right, Linda.

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I don't believe that is the one. I know they did not dig up. I think someone gave the hosta the name and it stuck.
I do think it is Blue Angel.

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My mom and dad gave me a division of "Elephant Ear" hosta a few years ago. It turned out to be Elegans. Good luck!!

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