Anyone growing Austrian Copper rose?

crocosmia_mn(z4)June 30, 2005

I know nothing about roses and never wanted one before, but as far as I can tell from internet photos, this one would be good in my garden because it is orange and looks like a wild rose. Does anyone have experience with it?

Rosa foetida 'bicolor'

Austrian Copper, Rosa foetida Species Rose

Bred before 1596

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MinnesotaSue_z4(western MN)

Yes, I had 3 in my back yard. It is a species rose from 1590, it is considered a climber, dislikes pruning and will tolerate poor soil. It blooms in the spring (it is not a re-bloomer); is winter hardy and can sucker if not kept in check and may 'sport back' to a solid color of red.
I had a round-up happy neighbor that sprayed on a windy day and killed my 3 several years ago. I am waiting for the old goat to end up in a nursing home before I plant anything else back there.

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selkie_b(z4 MN)

My dad had one back in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains in WA State... I LOVE this rose! If I had some more room there is NO question I would have one here. They do very well here, I've seen the odd one about :)


hmmm... *ponders enlarging the front bed again...*

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There were these roses when this house was purchased by my parents in 1969 faLL. mY YOUNG FRIEND LATER CALLED THEM MY aUSTRIAN COPPERS AND WE LOVED TO SIT IN MY SWING THERE. tHE LOCAL DENTIST CAME EAACH DAAY TO SMELL THEM IN THE ALLEY. i DO NOT UNDERSTAND PEOPLE OR NURSERIES SAYING UNPLEASANT SMELL; IT is RATHER A MUSKY ODOR but not unpleasant; Many people called this Joseph's coat! I believe I have perhaps both. What I hate is that the yellow has taken over somewhat! This I do not care for but they have the same musky scent. If you want true colors, never introduce a yellow! They do bloom once! Rather off and on now! Please consider a Joseph's coat insteade of or as well! Good luck! If you are cold: Bud Union: two inches BELOW!

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