I would like to talk to

dthigh(z4MN)June 1, 2005

I would like to talk to the person who thought that creeping charlie was a good idea to bring here. What was he thinking? I have found something that really works on it this year but what a pain! If you don't have it - count your blessings!

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Must be the same person that brought those stupid dandilions!!!

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zenpotter(z4 MN)


What did you find this year that works on the creeping charlie?

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glen3a(Winnipeg MB 3A)

I would like to know the secret as well. When I first moved to my house, I knew very little about weeds (besides the most common ones). I was surprised to learn this is actually a groundcover plant from Europe. Round up only seems to weaken it, though to be honest I am a bit shy on applying herbicides at least in quantity that might be needed to get rid of this plant.

I read that it has a harder time growing in full sun and places where the grass is thick and healthy. I have to agree with that, but it is sure "opportunistic". The moment thereÂs a bare spot in the grass, or some bare soil in a flower bed, itÂs creeping and trying to get ahold.

I canÂt blame my neighbors, as they probably werenÂt living there back then, but for me it appears this plant has slowly and surely creeped in under the fence from the neighbors yard and is taking over sections in my yard.

Maybe I should plant bishop's gout weed to combat it :)


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I found that weed free zone from ferti-lone really works. I was talking to a master gardener and that is all she is recommending for it. It even works in cooler weather. I'm sad others have my problem. ItÂs no fun! Good Luck with your creeping Charlie!

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zenpotter(z4 MN)

I tried googling weed free zone and found some references to it but couldn't tell just what it is. Do you know if it is harmful to the environment?


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birdwing(z4 MN)

It was also recommended to me as "what all the experts are using" I put it on my lawn because there was more CC this year than ever (huge 20x20 foot patches of it) I read the toxicity warnings on the bottle. It says that you shouldn't dispose of it or clean your equipment near water. (and all the other warnings that roundup also has) It did work and now the grass is filling in where the weeds were. Hopefully I won't have to use it again. Am I naive or does it seem that if it's a new product, it must have been cleared in terms of environmental hazards? Yes, that definitely sounded naive...

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Do you know if this will work on other creeping type weeds? I have a creeping type clover in my rock garden that I'd love to kill off as pulling is impossible. Does it indicate usage for other weeds? Where did you purchase it?

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leftwood(z4a MN)

I looked at a bottle of ferti-lome weed free zone. It contained carfentrazone-ethyl along with dicamba and another form of 2,4-D. It is the addition of the carfentrazone that makes it better. Without the carfentrazone, it would be a regular (but strong) lawn weed killer.

Carfentrazone-ethyl is very toxic to algae and medium toxic to fish, so birdwing is right about not applying ANYWHERE near water. Unlike Weed Free Zone (where the active ingredient is bad for waterways), in Round-up it is not the active chemical (glyphosate) that is "bad". Round-up's carrier (the "inert" ingredient) is the problem. That is why there is a formulation made for use in wet areas. I believe it is called Rodeo. But please remember, NOTHING can be completely safe in waterways, even soap.

Reading more in my google search, carfentrazone-ethyl is supposed to be very effective against clovers,and good for other broadleaf plants. It is also rated low for animal (including humans) toxicity, as far as chemicals go, and has a short half-life of 4-6 weeks. Therefore, environmental impact is minimal for a pesticide.

I would like to try this on my parent's creeping charlie, but without the dicamba, but it could have 2,4-D or MCCP. Has anyone seen such a product? My googling says there is one called Quick Silver(?).


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zenpotter(z4 MN)


Thank you for the research. I will just keep pulling my creeping charlie. I live way to close to Minnehaha Creek to even consider using it.

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julie_mn(z4 MN Henn)

Hey there Rick-
If you would like to perfom more research- and try Quick Silver in my yard before heading over to your folks- I sure wouldn't object.....

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Why without the dicamba, and what the heck is MCCP?
If you do find quicksilver-do please keep us posted.
Duh, this is a pretty old posting by now...maybe you have checked it out further?

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