Alpine Strawberry: Trimmimg for fall Cycle

JP_ZenDesignLLC(7)September 1, 2012

Hello, I have a question someone might be able to answer about my Alpines. I started my plants from seed kinda late in the season. I believe it was late May to early June. They have done beautifully from seedlings in a small 18"x24" starter bed, followed by transplanting them into 2, 4 gallon containers and 8, 3 gallon containers. The plants have �bloomed and are producing a few berries per plant each week. Currently, (9/1) they are each about 10" tall and spread a good 11-12" in each container. The plants are located outside in full sun. I have a long steep set of stairs which lead up to my apartment. Being of the 'Alpine' variety, I constructed a diagonal 30"x5' x 15" deep box with 8 cut out circles which nestle and hold the 8, 3 gallon containers, and they all sit at the same diagonal as my stair rail, creating a natural alpine slope situation. Wish I could post pics, but not possible with just an iPhone. Anyway my question is about trimming. With the recent cooler nights, ( I live in Virginia) an ample amount of new shoots are flourishing from the base of the plant. I have read that they will have a fall production cycle, and I need to know if it is safe/ advised to cut back all of the mature leaves, fruit and flowers to let the new growth have the most potential energy. The plants are beautiful, I'm a novice grower, and any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated.

�*Also, per having some aphid issues, I treated the soil with the Bayer Advanced fruit and vegetable insect control, after the two week delay harvest recommendation, the plants are still good, but the first fruit after the 14 day suggested harvest have been less tasteful than I anticipated.�

Any help on any questions would be super appreciated! Thanks in advance (:

~ John Patrick

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I wish I could help. I'm planting this one for first time following sowing seeds. I hope the seeds easy to germinate.

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