Grafting Root Stock

mike423(5 IL)December 1, 2010

Hey, I'm sure there has to be at least one educated person out there in this Forum category that's a seasoned Jap. Maple grafter. I'm a Bonsai grower and a new enthusiast in the hobby of grafting and looking to give it a try next summer. My question was if when grafting a Japanese Maple you need to use rootstock of another sort of Jap. maple or if I could use a rootstock of a common variety (such as Trident maple)? I ask because I have a ready source of Trident maple seedlings every year that grow everywhere like weeds when the seeds fall in early summer.



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was told tridents did not graft well to acer i had to try since they are like weeds coming up all over. bottom line is it will work but you get one ugly graft and after a year or so it dies.stick to acer pal. seedlings.


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