Firecracker vine/manettia cordifolia

kimbyjSeptember 7, 2007


I just purchased one of these beauties and its in a gallon container with a little trellis. The nursery wasn't able to tell me much about it. I know its a perenial and sun/part shade but how do I winter it over? Should I replant it now or wait until next spring? Should I just re-pot it in a huge pot now? Do I cut it back after it dies and then bring it back out in spring?

I'm so excited about this vine but I'm intimidated b/c there's not much info really.



ps-I posted this under vines too

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Unless you're in Baltimore City or deep DC where the concrete jungle maybe ups your zone to 8ish, that South American native is unlikely to make it in ground, especially with a fall planting. If you have a real micro climate going on in your yard that gives a lot of extra protection, consider carrying it over indoors and plant in spring when it will have time to get roots down deep before the next winter. Then you might have a chance of getting it through winters in this area. It would make a great patio plant if you pot it up into substantial pot and bring it in each winter.

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Thanks for the advice. That sounds like a good plan: replant it in good pot with trellis and bring it indoors each winter.
Thank you!

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