feedback on construction plastic versus greenhouse film

myfamilysfarmOctober 17, 2012

Last year, my family built a greenhouse without heat. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough for the entire house including the endwall. We were 1 4x8 door short. We had some 3mil contruction plastic, so we used it.

After 1 full year of use, with record heat, the door will need re-plasticed but the rest of the house is in good shape, even with several cats climbing all over it. This plastic was several years old, but wasn't out in the sun.

Just thought I would post our experiences.

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little_minnie(zone 4a)

I agree greenhouse film is much better than plastic.

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I've been peeking in now and then during the market season, not much time to follow-up on anything then as you all know. My first GH was put up in 1998 (GH film 2 layers 50'x100' folded in half), sold that farm in 2004 and moved the GH with us to our new farm, put new GH film (2 layer) on then. Sure seems to me the GH film was much better quality back in 98, now it's just like everything else, cheaper made. This was the same kind/brand of GH film both times. This same GH was moved to a new location on our farm (closer to the house) and reused the same GH film that was on it. To this day that same GH film is still in pretty good shape. I would never use construction plastic, GH film is worth the money.


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We started out on a wore-out shoe-string, so we did use the construction plastic on our first, home-made (from scrap lumber) greenhouse. That plastic was double layered (not inflated) and lasted 2 seasons and almost 3, then fell apart. We have been lucky enough to have an professional house now and was GIVEN actual film, just enough to cover everything EXCEPT 1 door. We made 'do' for that last door, and will need to replace the plastic on that door.

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