How do you keep up with your gardening? Lists?

beanie34(z6b MD)September 5, 2007

Long time gardners,

I have been reading the Wash Post garden articles, they have an nice little list of monthly 'things to do', but most of them are irrelevent to my particulars. but i find I forget or are unsure of what I'm supposed to do when, fairly big property I'm trying to keep up with (divide iris? aerate lawn? trim azaleas? bring out the cyclamen resting in the shed? when do I cut the perennials down?). I think I would benefit from making a list. Do you guys have a month by month to do list? Or a reminder schedule? If so, what does it look like? or do you just go by the seat of your pants & what looks like it needs doing?

thanks for any tips!


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vetivert8(NI-NZ zone 9a)

I know I 'shouldn't' be here but the posting intrigued me.

I have an overall plan of where I want my garden to go. I'm aware that, as trees reach maturity, my light values are changing and the garden needs to be moved from the plantings that were appropriate earlier to more stable/perennial plantings now.

Instead of chirping 'Ooo Ooo! Bulb season!' I have a small list of treasures I'm pursuing - and catching - which means I'm not annually overwhelmed with vast quantities of plant material needing attention. Whew!

I faithfully keep a garden diary in which I record the weather and when particular plants show up in the garden, and that helps me plan ahead for what I want to see in combination.

I find it is the combination of previous experience with my garden intentions and outrageous aspirations which then get put into both my 'do today' list and on my blackboard reminder list for the 'soon, but not desperately urgent' work. I also use my workbase blackboard to remind me where I've put things 'for shelter and safety' so I don't find the frizzled remains some time later.

When I'm working on other people's gardens I keep my notes and lists in a loose-leaf ring binder.

I also use a 'carry with me' small notebook and pencil stub (seems to work better in damp and mud!) for catching any ideas or reminders.

Some jobs can easily be done while doing the daily garden prowl - if you carry a small bucket, secateurs, and a light weeding fork. Keeps the annual weed problem well in check, even in wet weather that makes heavy work not practical.

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After so many years of vegetable gardening I remember what to plant next year.Rest I follow the instructions availabe on the seeds packets and relevant reference books.

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gardengranma(6a/6b MD)

This has been a hard year -- I had to water a lot and fought vines and grassy weeds like crazy. I am waiting for it to get cooler -- on a weekend.

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I take Christine on a shovel tour and she tells me what I need to do. =)

I did a LOT of work this spring, then when it got hot I just enjoyed (and pulled some of the weeds). Now that it's cooler, or at least more reasonable to work in the yard, I can get back out there again. I don't have anything that's truly picky, though, so most of my plants don't need to be dealt with at any particular time. That's probably not much help for you, but I figured I'd toss it out there.

There is a mid-atlantic gardening book that has lists for this area, maybe that would help? Let me know and I can grab the ISBN for you so you can find it at the library or bookstore.

Gardengranma, the crabgrass has been CRAZY here too.


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avoirgold(z7 MD)

Lists! Huhn! What an interesting concept.

Seriously, I have lists of plants that I covet. Other than that, I walk through the yard examining and enjoying and if I get annoyed enough, I deadhead or weed. I'm more about gardening by the seat of my pants and only the strong survive. If something dies, it wasn't meant to be mine. So enough of my personal philosophy.

Here are some (hopefully) helpful links to check out:

Univ. of MD Home & Garden Info (veggie planting times, chores, etc.)

A couple of resources regarding natives and caring for the bay:

Hope that helps! Happy Gardening!


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