Transplanted Phlox Not Looking Good

bobomcdo(z4 MN)June 7, 2009


In order to get my tall summer phlox out of the way of some eager daylilies, and to fill a gap in another flower bed, I dug up and moved a clump of tall phlox. Well, stem by stem, the phlox seems to be conking out. I realize I might have done a lousy job of replanting it. We've finally had lots of rain so I don't think it's a watering issue. Any advice? Can I do anything to salvage it? I was trying to save money by moving an existing plant. Thanks!

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Been my experience that established tall garden phlox shock easily when transplanted. Also been my experience that all of a sudden they settle in and perk up. If the weather does dry out, keep them watered. They're pretty hardy and you shouldn't loose them - especially since you transplanted them in a clump rather than trying to separate the individual stems.

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I don't know if this is the best practiceÂI'd be interested in knowing what others doÂbut when moving perennials like phlox, especially at this time of year, I cut the plant down to about 4". Once it's established its root system it'll begin to grow again. GaryStPaul

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I agree with the transplant shock theory. I have had phlox do the same.

GaryStPaul...I sometimes cut perennials back when I transplant as well, it depends on the plant, but at this time of year when there is plenty of growing season left, I think that you get stronger healthier growth from doing so.

My two cents...Helen

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