weed guard questtion

boston3381(7)October 19, 2010

i have several rolls of " weed guard " 3' x 100' heavy-duty uv-resistant polyproplene ..woven so water dose pass through....

my question is what vegetables i "CAN NOT" grow with this weed guard?? will i have problems with vegetables like squash,cucumber,or most ground cover crops???

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maybe the rong place to post this ??? i reposted this in Vegetable Gardening

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I don't think it's the wrong place, I just don't know the answer. I know alot of the large grower use plastic with drip tape, I don't know of any that uses the woven mats. I tried them one year without knowing much and I didn't get every weed gone from under them, so the weeds came back but not as bad.
I would guess that you could grow anything that doesn't need 'runners' to root.

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Since you already have it, go ahead and try it on some things. It certainly won't hurt. I think it deteriorates pretty rapidly in the sun and should be covered with some mulch if you plan on using it again. Normally, it is used in landscaping with perennials, not vegetable annuals.


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Do you mean landscape fabric? we have been using that instead of plastic for years because it will last 10+seasons. And as far as i know you can grow about anything on it. We use it for melons, tomatoes, summer and winter squash, eggplant, peppers, strawberries and several other crops.

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the width of the landscape fabric you have would make me want to use it for non-vining crops. some things, like winter squash, melons, pumpkins would grow right off the edges. i've heard that for those crops you want the fabric to be 15' wide and then you plant 2 rows up the middle.

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Randy we do a lot of vining crops on 4' wide LF with few problems-they do want to go out into the aisle ways but it is easy enough to put the vines back into the beds.

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sry i havent got back to this been work my but off... winter is coming and we are running out of time need to get everthing out of the ground and some cover crop down.

boulderbelt you hit the nail on the head !!! that is excactly what i wanted to hear . this year in one of the green houses witch has weedgard down 15' x 100' we grew 300 cherry tomatoes plants (directly in the ground) and had no problems with weeds..just cut a hole and add a plant nice and easy...

so my intenstion with the rolls of 3' x 300' is to do some row crops out side. i have a extra pice of land abought 100' x 500'.. my concern was crops like cucumbers,Summer squash,zucchini,and bush type crops beans,ect.i didnt know if the weed gard whould cause rot or become to hot and burn the plants...

P.S. to all who use (weed gard) what i heard was to use a blow torch to make the small hole for the plant instead of cutting a X and having it fray apart over the years...

P.S.S. boulderbelt what do you grow???

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jrslick (North Central Kansas, Zone 5B)

Boston: Use your torch to heat up a metal can on a stick. Then burn your hole in the landscape fabric. I have seen it work really slick!


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jrslick ....thats a great idea!!!
but i will one up-ya and make a steal ring with a long handle (like a Branding Iron)
then you can do many holes at one time with out reheating after every hole....

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sandy0225(z5 Indiana)

How do you keep your weed guard from blowing away in the spring before everything weights it down? do you cover the edges with soil just like the plastic? Do you all put drip tape underneath it, or run it on top and leave the weed guard down for a couple of years? I have a nice roll of dewitt 15'x300 I haven't cut into yet....

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