selling seeds at market

little_minnie(zone 4a)October 26, 2010

Does anyone have ideas on how to market seed packets at market? I have the nice clear 'bagettes' with the seeds and the names clearly written on, but this spring very few sold. I don't think amateurs like buying seeds without photos on the packet even for so cheap. So I have an indoor market next week and want to bring fresh seeds. I am trying to think of a way to show them that makes them more user friendly and noticeable other than in a long box separated with index cards with the varieties typed on.

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Can you find some 'clip strips'? These are the thingys that hang along the aisles. Usually the stores throw them away when new ones come in. I've picked some up at my grocery store back room (I'm a merchandiser also). I use the hooks for my lights. Also If you can get a picture from somewhere, it would help.

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little_minnie(zone 4a)

Hmm. I work at a grocery store and can get clip strips. Cool idea but since it is an indoor market I won't have a canopy or anything tall. Might 'borrow' a clip strip for next year though. All my signage materials are borrowed from work or from the trash.

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Minnie, I meant the plastic 'throw-away' clip strips, not the metal ones. I'm sure you won't have to just 'borrow' them.

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Could you print a picture of what it is such as marigold, tomato, green beans, etc... and put on the back of the packet? Or get larger packets that is more like what seeds come in at stores?

Someone here a few years ago said they had packs of tomato seeds. Six seeds per pack and sold them for $1 and they sold well for them.


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You might already be including them, but growing instructions might help. I would imagine that an amateur would be intimidated by seeds that just have the name on them if they don't already know how to grow that type of plant.

Just a thought!

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