need help!!

skeque(z11 CNMI)January 5, 2007


ive been in this forum for quite a bit

but havent been posting messages(sorry ¢Ã¢Ã)

bout a year or some time ago i fell in love with moonflowers and bought some seeds

i planted some but they didnt go quite so well so they all...died:'(

now im planning to plant them again since its a new year and you know..just something "new" :D

i soaked 3 seeds(the ones i bought last year) about 2 days ago and theyve become pretty big

i thought it wouldnt work since they were last years, but theyve been soaking up the water

i was so surprised!

urgh now i dont know what to do

i live in a very tropical place and plantings been something new for me

do they cause alot of insects? how much do i need to water them? when should i plant them? in what soil?

please help:(

have a nice day!

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I hope you put them in the ground- 24 hours in the water then plant them outside, as long as there is NO chance of
frost. They get a bit large- water 1 x week

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