New Year Moon Garden

decolady01(7a/6b AL/TN)January 2, 2005

This is my first post this forum. Our moon garden is an island in the front yard where an ancient cedar blew down in a storm several years ago. It's approximately 12'x18'. Here is a photo I made of it late yesterday afternoon in our unseasonably warm weather for southern Tennessee.

Two August Beauty gardenias have survived the 10°F nights we had earlier in December. This fall I added 100 Thalia daffodils and transplanted my white ginger lily. When I dug the ginger, the clump of roots was large enough to divide into 7 or 8 new plants. Other new additions were Fragrant Angel echinacea and The Pearl tuberose. These joined pale yellow daylilies, Crinum x herbertii (Milk & Wine lilies that I dug up from my great-grandmother's old home about 15 years ago), David phlox, and Peruvian daffodils.

The garden is a work in progress. It is situated so that it gets moonlight until the wee hours of the morning. When the weather warms up, I will add some annuals - white nicotiana, Dusty Miller and white petunias. Maybe some others. We will see.

Oh, I do have moonflower vine, too. :) It grows on the east end of the deck, rather than in the moon garden.

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That is going to be so lovely and fragrant when it's full of blooms!

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