Wheee in full sun offered to me

Brandys_garden(6)July 21, 2013

So one of the only greenhouses (not big box store) in Branson we have still has Wheee's and they offered on to me for $1.50 the larger ones... The same size as the Wheee I got earlier this year was when I got it. It's a Proven Winner. It looks healthy except for one thing... It's been in full sun for about 2 months. It's a light green color now and I know that's signs of early sun damage.... But it is not brown and crispy. I think it may be OK if I get it and put it in the appropriate amount of shade for the rest of the season. Do you guys think I should do it? Do you think it will be OK? It's a good buy, so it seems now. I told them I'd think about it and asked them to hold it for me until tomorrow. The pic isn't it but it kind of looks like this shade of green... Very light green but not completely burned.

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

Get it!!! Being in the sun all this time probably toughened it up lol lol
It'll be fine....it'll look the way it should, colour wise once it's settled in .....it'll be screaming "wheeeeeeeeee" in the spring...lol

..I have one too, a proven winner since its their introduction, I think. Got it last week.

My guess would be to give it morning sun, aftn. shade...

Your hosta family is growing! :-)

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jadie88(7 MD)

Yes, it probably has great roots from all that sun! For $1.50 and a trusted source, you buy first and ask questions later...

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OK they are closed now but I'll pick it up tomorrow morning. I just wanted to make sure it wouldn't die out on me too early.

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The only thing I would worry about is the sun burn your surrounding plants in the shade will get from all that radiation the plant got just ready to share!

To me that is beautiful and bright and will certainly liven up a darker corner until it tones down a bit..Nice catch!


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Is that at that little nursery on the strip in Branson? That's where I got my Wheee! last year. Cute little place. Go for it, their plants looked healthy.


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ilovetogrow z9 Jax Florida

I have had hostas out in the full sun till I have lasered holes in the leaves just to move them to some shade and they kept on growing, probably a little happier. They will be fine.

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Yes Sandy it is. I got my Wide Brim from there a couple of weeks ago (the teeny tiny one). And I thought I would go back and see if they have anything else. They still have the Wheee's and I asked how much. They said "For you, $1.50!" So I think I am going back tomorrow to get it. Maybe I'll get 2 at that price???

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idiothe(4 MN)

great deal! And that Proven Winner tag is a proprietary name tag meaning they got it from Walters - big wholesaler in Michigan with a good track record on recognizing and trying to control the spread of HVX. Even with sun damage - that's a lot of good crown for $1.50!

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bragu_DSM 5

Can you get two? You can always use thousand island on the other one.

Nice tender young shoots ... lightly sautéed with garlic n shrooms if'n you don't like salad.

Sounds like a deal!

^_^ --~


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The picture posted is NOT of the plant that I am thinking of getting. It is just one I found to show the current color pretty much. It's smaller than the pictured. I am going to look them all over tomorrow... I may get 2. 1 for sure, though!

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

I wish I was there, I'd clean them out of all the Wheee's they had! You go, Brandy! Get them all if you can....only $1.50??? Lucky you, peeps ....the cheapest on sale hosta still costs me $6+ here. I'd go hosta buying crazy if I lived there....we don't have such fantastic sales here on hosta at all.

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We don't have a lot of greenhouses in the Branson area. This one is pretty much the only one. They don't have a lot of hosta. Only a few. They have something called a francee and a patriot and a few Wheee! The Francees and the Patriot look OK, no visible sun damage as they are in full shade. The Wheee! look good with the exception of the lighter color due to full sun exposure. They had like 4 or 5 or so. Not many. I think the reason they haven't sold is because they are in full sun and people worried about buying them. They were $10/plant. I wouldn't spend that much either... Maybe not even $6. I might have spent $3 but that is as high as I'd go personally.

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On my way back to the greenhouse/garden shop to pick up the Wheee! (or Wheee's).... Hopefully I will return with one more healthy yet brightly colored hosta to add to my collection! Pics later!

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