jodikayJune 24, 2008

My astilbes are getting too much sun and all they do is spread. I am wondering if I transplanted them to the back of my house that gets morning sun, maybe 1 hr of hot sun from 1-2pm and than no sun for the rest of the day, if they would do better. Or is this still too much sun for them? My full sun perennials don't get enough sun in this spot and my shade perennials don't like the 1hr of hot sun. I went plant shopping last nite, love linders 50% off sale, and picked up some sun/part shade plants hoping they will do better in this spot. Its tough to experiment with the current prices. Thanks for input. Happy Gardening!

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You do know that Astibles are pretty hardy. I've had mine in the same place in very fertile soil with morning sun. It is a habit that they have to spread some. Mine probably get 4 to 5 hours of bright sun, some morning shade and shade in the afternoon. I think you probably need a good composed soil and enough water. Usually they do not flower really well until they are established for at least a good year or two. Hope this helps and good luck !

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hockeychik(4b MN)

Are you saying your Astilbes won't bloom, just have leaves? Mine are just now beginning to get the flower stalks, so it will be a little while yet until they are blooming. Mine are planted where they only get morning sun, on a North wall, so by maybe 10 am they are starting to get shade. They get a little more sun as it gets later into summer though. I have had them there for about 4 years or more and they have bloomed nicely every year. I don't do anything special for them either.

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I forgot to say that my astilbes get afternoon sun, which is why I thought maybe I should try and move them. They did bloom last year (why I don't know since we had no rain and it was hard to keep up with the watering) The blooms were not the greatest and I guess I don't remember if they bloomed the year before. They didn't appear to be showing any flowering the last I looked, a few days ago. Maybe I should just leave them alone and see what happens this year.

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Mine are in a spot that gets just a tad of morning sun and then shade the rest of the day. They are thriving and they bloom every year. I have two that are just now beginneing to bud and two that show no signs of blooming yet.

Everything in my yard is at least 3-4 weeks behind because of the cold spring.

I'd give them more time if you're waiting for flowers. If they are spreading too rapidly, I would definitely consider moving them.


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Move them. My Astilbe ended up in full afternoon sun thanks to Dutch Elm disease. After a few years of trying to keep them watered and poor, short lived blooming, I gave up last year. They completely fried by the end of July. So I dug them up, divided them and planted them in the back under some apricot trees and a magnolia that are now large enough to provide shade. This year they are full and shooting up tons of flower stalks.

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Thanks ginkgonut, you are right. Some of my astilbes are starting to look fried now that its gotten hotter and less cloud cover. I guess I know what I will be doing this weekend.

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