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kiahFebruary 5, 2007

I have 2 moon flower plants that I have been growing for a year. I like to keep them outside when the weather is warmer and inside while it is cold. I have one seed pod that has completely dried and was partially opened and i collected that seed and am now waiting got the second to dry completely. Now, my question is how long should I wait to plant the new seed indoors? The plant is currently in my window box and i have already started some other seedlings in the same window and they are doing wonderful. Do I need to wait any additional time (to allow for more drying) before soaking the new seeds and planting them as well? If so, what is the best way to store them until them? as of now I have the one in an envelope with a dry paper towel inside.

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Some seeds use the cold to get out of dormancy. Others don't. Depending on what you have, you may or may not benefit from planting your seeds indoors. Any idea what your moonflower is?

Ipomoea (morning glory) moonflowers, I would start inside about six weeks before the last expected frost. If you have the means of supporting a vine and the intent of keeping it in a pot, I would say to start earlier. As always, nick the seed coat and soak in water to assist in germination.

Datura moonflowers do much better with heat. I've already started mine, and have even gotten a couple of blooms out of a four inch high Datura stramonium. Don't nick the seeds if your plant is in the Datura genus. Let them dry, then keep them until the spring, and maybe sow some while it's still cold out to break any possible dormancy.

Store your seeds in a cool, dry place. The container usually does not affect the seed.

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How long do Moon flower seeds take when planted in ground to pop up? Mine have been 5 days planted, and hoping they will appear soon. (2 weeks?) thanks God Bless

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