Honeysuckle Problem

melmn2(Z3/4 MN)June 5, 2005

Hi My name is Mel and I am new to the gardening forums. I am hoping someone can help me with my honesuckle vine. I have had it for 3 years and it grows prolificly. This spring, the leaves have started to blacken from the bottom up. First they get black spots, then turn yellow, then black and rotted. I would hate to lose this beautiful vine. It has been very wet here this spring. Thanks for any advice you could share. Sincerely, mel

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leftwood(z4a MN)

Welcome Mel!

Sounds pretty normal for a leaf disease, although they usually don't become water-soaked. When you say rotted, do you mean they are black and mushy? Or black and dry up? And how are the stems: anything happening there? Discoloration, sunken areas on the surface, spots, mushy, etc. Also, what is the soil like, heavy and waterlogged? And how is the new growth?


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I also have a honeysuckle vine question....I have had about 4 very nice vines growing on my chainlink fence that surrounds an area we fenced for my dogs...all of a sudden this year there is alot of old dead vines mixed in with the other vines that are growing green and healthy and have alot of the flowers on them...should I cut this old deadwood away....I assume I should prune the dead ones away??? also I have had two trumpet vines growing for about 4 years...but no trumpets yet....but I have heard it can take years...up to ten...for the flowers to come....is this true...is there anyway I can hurry the trumpets forming...or is it just wait and be patient

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michele, you can cut the dead vines away if you want to take the time or just leave them and let the new vines cover 'em up. (About trumpet vine, I don't want to hijack this thread, see my post on same.)

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melmn2(Z3/4 MN)

Thanks Rick.
I checked my vine again this morning and the leaves are just black, not mushy. It was just so wet here for so many days I thought they were mushy but they are crispy and black. The top growth looks good, but the black stuff is moving fast. And the soil is well drained. It is wet right now from the downpours we have been having but the weekend is over so of course the sun is out today!
Can I save my plant? Thanks, mel

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leftwood(z4a MN)

Still quite odd. Are the dried up leaves still attached to the plant, or do they naturally fall off(or fall off with a touch)? If they fall off, that usually means a leaf desease, which is actually good since the wood is not affected. If the leaves stay on, that usually means a wilt or canker disease in the stem, or environmental problems. What ever you do, don't give it any fertilizer. That might compound the problem.

If leaves stay on, notice if the first black spotting is in any kind of pattern that is repeated on every infected leaf: near the midrib, near the outer part, spaced evenly throughout(that's a pattern too). Are the black spots angular or round/oval. If angular, do they folow the leaf veination pattern? Do the spots grow larger, or populate the leaf? Any marginal coloring to the spots? And, are the black spots yellow first, or go from green to black?

BTW, how ever you prune a healthy plant doesn't matter to the plant. But on my honeysuckle vines, I always prune out the dead only because they grow so fast that you'll get a lot of build up of woody vine that you'll never know what is dead or alive. Actually, at this time of year I prune off all dead and any living that is not producing flowers. Seems pretty drastic, but it would eat my fence alive if I didn't.


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Thanks for the help with both my Honeysuckle vines...I think I will leave the daed wood for awhile...it seems to give somemore support to them and makes them look bushier....and the trumpet vine I guess I should go back to that catagory

Michele >^,,^

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I have honeysuckle growing near some shrubs and a rose bush. If the honeysuckle climbs on to those, will it damage or potentially kill the other plants?

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BlueAng(z4 MN)

I have seen worse and worse aphid infections on my honeysuckle vines.

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