Pics. of some veggies. I grow in Walkersville

chaman(z7MD)September 1, 2007

Hi everybody,

This is my first posting on Mid-Atlantic Gardening.I would like to share some pics. from my garden , mostly I used to grow in India.I tried to grow them here and got good success.

Cluster Beans.


Bitter melon.

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Very nice. My bitter melons are still fairly small and I hope I have enough warm temps left for them to ripen. I grew horned melons for the first time this year and they have done great. Too bad I don't care that much for the taste. lol They are quite a bit larger now then when this pic was taken. I'm just waiting for them to turn yellow. What is Tindora? I've never heard of that but it looks interesting.

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Hi karyn,
Tindora is viney vegetable plant grown from the roots.Matured fruits are sliced vertically or sliced into circular discs and sauteed.They are dried and deep fried (quickly) also. Younger fruits are used for salads.
If you happen to visit Indian grocery store you will see them in green vegetable section.
When fruits ripen it gets red color.

Matured Tindora fruit.

Younger Tindora fruit.

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Chaman if you have any extra seeds from your Tindora vine I'd love to trade for some if I have anything you are interested in or I'd be happy to send postage.

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Tindora does not reach to ripen stage here.It needs longer hot days.Even if it ripens it will need another male plant for pollinating female flowers before they ripen.Female plant has all flowers with fruit.

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I am new to the forum. This year I planted squash and okara.
I got lots of them. I am very much excited and planning to have an organized garden next summer. I am interested in the Tindora Plant. I did not know that there will be one male and one female plant. When you plant the roots how do you know whether it is male or female plant?

Is it possible that I could buy from you both male and female plant?
My email is on My Page

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Not enough ripening time is the problem I'm having with my Sicana Odorifera. I was considering taking it into the greenhouse to mature and did put a few in a 25 gallon container but the vines are just too big. They are easily well over 30' and I'd have to cut them back to get them inside. By doing that I'd be cutting off the fruit producing portion of the plant. I'm hoping that it might stay warm long enough for a few to possibly ripen but I doubt it. I won't grow that or the horned melon again because the vines are just way to big. The horned melon is the worst offender and climbs over everything, even up the side of the house to the second story! It's horrible, like a vegetable kudzu vine!

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