Papou's Liberty - One Year Later

hostarhodoJuly 27, 2010

July 26th was his birthday. How are all your Papou's Liberty Hosta growing? Mine is doing well, although the deer did chew on a couple of the leaves.

We lost him on the 31st. Hard to believe a year has passed already. Therese if you are reading this I trust you and your family are well, enjoying the garden room you had added on and the beautiful gardens.


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evermore_gw z 4/5 NB

Thank you, hostarhodo, for starting this thread. I recently went to Papou's site once more to see his magnificent hostas. Here is my "Papou's Liberty," planted one year ago on July 26.

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manyhosta(z4b MN)

Here's mine. It's a one-year-old and it has a memorial tag for our hosta friend Papou.

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I was given Liberty in the fall of 2008, but I think of it as Papou's Liberty. Mine's already 4-5 eyes and is in a perfect spot to be seen as you walk across my bridge. I'm so glad Papou's site is still there. Nance

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I, a quiet lurker for over 10 years was very touched by Papou. His enthusiasm and knowledge was very charming, I got my Liberty this year and planted at the beginning of a walkway nearby my pretty June. Happy Birthday Papou!

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Bob P(8)

I am sorry to hear about Papou. I found his website in 2007 and his work inspired me to create my own Garden Wonderland. Liberty is a shining beacon within my backyard garden and I am dedicating it to his memory.
Thank you for the many years of garden photos!!!
Sincerely, Bob

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Thank you. When I read what you all had written, I went to his web site and was inspired. It's a wonderful site-He must hae been a great guy. Quinney

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iammstuck zone 5(z5 MI)

I don't post a lot but I did plant one for him last year. His web site is wonderful I love to look at it in winter when you can't see anything other than snow on the ground, reminds you of things to come.
Also when purchasing plants I always look on his site to see if he has a heart by it. Some I have purchased just because he has a heart by it.

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gardenfanatic(MO zone5b)

My Liberty is still in a pot, waiting to be planted. Just got it this year. Papou inspired me to get out and count my hosta eyes in the spring to have a comparison to the previous year. Great idea! When I'm considering a new hosta, I look it up on Papou's site and see how it looks once it gets its "legs."

We still think of you, Papou...


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leafwatcher(zone 5)

Just went to the site mentioned above. WOW ..what dedication.

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I hope this helps to explain why we loved Papou, he was a gardener and a great friend and teacher to all of us. We planted his favorite "Liberty" on his birthday July 26 and sent cards and all messages of concern and friendship on here(Must have been around 100)were read to him by his family. They responded and said that it brought him great joy to hear from us. He passed away from Cancer on July 31, 2009. We celebrated his birthday with him and Liberty reminds us of the inspiration he was to all of us.


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