Help! Indoor Datura is looking wilty!

hostacrazy(7 NC)February 16, 2004

I had a white datura in my garden last summer and loved it so much that I dug it up and moved it into my house for the winter.

After repotting it and bringing it inside it wilted to the point that I thought I had killed it. So, I cut it down to about 1 foot tall and it came back beautifully after 10 days or so. That was in Oct or so.

It has been doing wonderfully and now all of a sudden it is wilting again. The leaves are curling up somewhat and it doesn't look happy. Maybe I am overwatering it???

Is this something that happens normally? I had heard that they are hard to overwinter. It gets light from a window but not alot.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I would love to be able to keep this alive until spring and then transplant it back out into the garden.

Thanks so much!!!



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GordonHawk(7/ NYC)

yes.. it sounds like it might be overwatering it ... you have a root statem for a big plant.. that is now smaller shouldn't think it would need much water.. perhaps a little nourishment... have you feed it .. potting soil has next to no nutrive value.. after being called upon to produce leaves from stored reserves... perhaps it is hungry.. or is deciding it needs more light.. now to progress..but definately keep it on the dry side...
I retrieved mine from the snow bank and thinking it was gone cut it at the soil line to use the dirt during the winter.. and there it was sprouting... up now almost 2 ft.. and ready for the outside... 60* here today... and the mid-wests snow tomorrow.. neat.. where's spring

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