When should I dig Canna's up?

clarejoe(7 (NJ))October 21, 2008

This is my first year of growing Canna's. They did very well. They are still getting a few blooms here and there and the seed pods are still green. (I would like to save the seeds). We got down into the 30's at night here in NJ, but not yet 32. When should I dig up the bulbs to bring them in?

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Hi Clarejoe,
There is a fair amount of discussion going on now concerning the digging of cannas in the canna forum. I live in Winchester Va and dig mine when I have time in Dec. The temp has to get pretty darn cold to hurt what is below ground with a canna. Hank

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I wait until a hard frost hits the foliage, then dig when I have time. No hurry.

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I live in Temple hill and generally do not dig them up. I have just covered them with bagged leaves. Those that I have not covered seem to come back each year. I do know that some varieties seem hardier than others

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I always try to get mine dug up before the first hard frost. Wasn't able to do that this year, but they look good and I dug them up about two weeks ago.
My opinion? Cannas can take a hard frost or two, but once the frost is consistent, better get them dug up ASAP. YMMV.
For reference, I live in the DC Metro area.

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