JackieZ5(z5OHNW)March 3, 2003

I had a catalog that just came in the mail last month and in looking thru it I found some seed packets offered in choice of color...white Four O Clock...white Morning Glory...etc...etc...the catalog has gone missing...lost, strayed or stolen...who knows...I have four daughters who all garden so it may have been kidnapped by one of them...I'm hoping some one on this forum may have received that catalog and can give me a name so that can get another one or knows of other places that offer color choice seeds...I'm interested in a White Garden in containers and the Moon Garden for close to the patio...TIA & Spring WILL come again.

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sred98(z7 OK)

It was probably Select Seeds. They have a whole Moon Garden collection - Evening Fragrance Datura, Dusty Miller, Moonflower, and N. Alata and N. Sylvestris.

Hope this helps!


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Shelley...Thank you know the address or phone number?...I don't know how I got the catalog in the first place...Thanks again...Jackie

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sred98(z7 OK)

Select Seeds is 1-860-684-9310

Their online addy is

Good Luck!


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Shelly...Thanks again...I went to the site...just what I'm
looking for...Jackie

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