New to moonflowers...

Dragonstar(z6 KS)March 23, 2005

I have always loved the look of white morning glories, and recently discovered seeds for a night blooming flowering vine discribed only as 'moon flower'. It looks just like the white morning glories that I grew up with and I was wondering if anyone could tell me how best to start these seeds. I have tried on several occasions with little or no success. Warm and moist, not wet, is what I have been told, but still no luck. Also, can I plant these with my morning glories so I have these beautiful blossoms both day and night? I am new to gardening in general, and I would be very thankful for any help or advice...Thanks in advance to all.

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angiebug(z8a LA)

This is my first attempt as well. I started mine on Feb 17, using jiffy pellets. I attempted to nick the seeds as suggested, but couldn't penetrate the outside of the seed, so I just put the seeds in the pellets and covered with a thin layer of the peat. Keep them moist and WARM. Mine sprouted within a couple of days. Warmth is very in the south, we have a warm spring, so I started taking mine outside where they'd get more light. One day a cold front came through before I could get home and bring them inside...they were all droopy and sad. I put my heating pad underneath for a few hours and they perked back up. The roots do grow pretty quickly, so within about 2 weeks, I had to put them into larger peat pots. I didn't remove them from the jiffy pellets, just put soilless mix into a 4 inch peat pot and planted the pellet and plant in the pot. I have heard that they don't like transplanting, so I didn't want to do anything to traumatize them anymore than I already had. Mine are currently about 10 inches tall and growing. I keep them outside now, but still protect them when the nights dip below 55. Good luck!

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LindaMA(MA z5)

I have moonflower seedlings all over my kitchen, I am even Winter Sowing some on my porch deck. I sowed them two ways, the first was in a mini-greehouse flat and they did pretty good but the second way was the best. I took a paper towel and wet it in very warm water, then I took 4 or 5 moonflower seeds and placed them in the middle of the wet paper towel and folded the towel over a few times until it was a small square. I then placed the paper towel in a baggie and clipped it to the side of my refridgerator with one of those magnets and left it there. I went back and opened it in 4/5 days and was suprised to see germination - these little white roots coming out of all the seeds. Because it was too soon to plant them outside, I put them in Peat Pots and they're doing great!

The baggie method really works, give it a try, you'll be pleasantly suprised!

Good luck!

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I had a beautiful mix of Morning glories and Moonflowers growing together last year! What a delight to see the morning glories open with some of the moonflowers still open from the evening. This also seemed to keep the caterpillars from devouring my moonflowers. 2 Years ago, I did moonflowers with clemantis, within 3 days a solo caterpillar devoured the whole moonflower vine. Left me with the seed heads though, LOL.

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shanklemsw(Z8 CoastalSC)

Moonflowers open quickly as the sun sets and stay open all night. They close the next morning and are spent. Don't deadhead if you want seeds for next year.

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