moonflower vine vs datura (angel's trumpet)

dighappy(z7 NJ)March 13, 2004

I have a question, is the moonflower vine in the same family as Datura or angel's trumpet, which I believe is in the nightshade family and is very poisonous, I had a beautiful moonflower vine growing out of a large pot a few years ago and unfortunately an early frost got to the seed pods before I had a chance to harvest. I would like to find the seeds to the vine again but have way to many critters that might nibble on it.... I don't want to take a chance on growing it if it's in the same family as Angel's trumpet.

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lynnsherbs(4 Minnesota)

the moonflower vine is related to morning glories, so it is probably posionous also. The seeds are almost everywhere right now. I saw them at Menards for .50! You need to get them planted early. Supposedly they only take 90 days from seeding to flower, but here in Minnesota, that takes us almost up to frost.

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jblum(z6 NY)

I'm not possitive that they are all poisonous. While the Moonflower and Morning Glories are related to nightshade, so are tomatoes. But, maybe the vines are closer and hence poisonous. I'll contact Burpee and see what they say.

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doglady123(n.georgia z7a)

Datura is considered poisonous to swine so if you have a pet pig that might have access to your angel's trumpet be careful. I have grown moonflower vines for 4 years with dogs, cats,deer and pigs around it. They have never bothered my moonflower vines as most animals instinctively will not eat poisonous plants unless there is no other food.
If you would like some moonflower seeds, I will send you some. Email:

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does anyone know where i could purchase a horn of plenty angel trumpet vine(it is purple and white colored ruffled and very full blooms) please.if so,please dont hesitate to contact me at you very much.

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bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)

Double daturas are available in the big commerical catalogs like T&M and Parks. They're expensive - about $4 for 10-15 seeds and much less germination (in my one time experience with this seed) than single dats you get in scads from everyone.

I would suggest when speaking about mooonflowers be it morning glory family, daturas or brugs, to stick with the latin name. Otherwise you get an entirely different plant and it really causes newbies a lot of confusion. I was one to this forum last fall and it drove me nuts until I figured it out.

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