Disassembly of New High Tunnel

jrslick (North Central Kansas, Zone 5B)November 21, 2010

I finally had a day that was open to work on disassembling my new high tunnel. I didn't get the early start that I wanted, but I did get to spend 5 hours working on it. I probably could have got more done if I would have stopped dropping things when I was on the ladder or had a "Go For". Anyways, I think another 2-3 hours or less, with a good helper, it will be on a trailer on the way home!


North wall taken down

South wall taken down

Baseboard and two purlins down

I spent alot of time marking pipes and pieces, but not so much time on the wood. I am going to have to reconfigure the endwalls, so I just marked the upright pieces.

So much fun! Now all I have to do is finishing moving the new tunnel, move this tunnel to make space for the new one,

and dig 28 post holes and we will be in business!

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jay-when i put up the last house i got an earth auger that chucks onto a drill to set the posts. it made a hole only slightly bigger than the post. the hard part was making the hole plumb and getting past rocks. but it saved me from having to dig and refill the holes. i was able to get down 2' into the ground.

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jrslick (North Central Kansas, Zone 5B)

That would be a good idea. I will look into it. I was hoping I could talk to my neighbor about borrowing his tractor and post hole digger. Or a friend has a construction company, if they aren't busy maybe I can borrow it and have him drill them out.

Finally, I will rent a two man auger and have my brother in law help drill them. I really don't want to have to drill them by hand with my hand auger and post hole digger. That is what I have done with all the rest.


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I am thinking about getting a 24' x 48' gothic greenhouse which I will be using for finishing off early seedlings and then using it starting in may for sales to the public. With shade cloth I plan on using it for summer produce sales also. I am looking at a Super Strong Woven Solarig Greenhouse Cover, quite expensive too. Back to my question, what is the best method to align the ground stake holes properly? Can one person construct this smaller size greenhouse, 11.5' to 12.5' center height. (I'm looking at 2 mfgrs.) I need to stay under a total cost of $3,000.00 without a building permit. My cash box won't have more than that anyway. thanks, tonytiller

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jrslick (North Central Kansas, Zone 5B)

Tony, I am an expert at by yourself construction, you are in luck!

Can one person construct a 24 by 48 greenhouse, yes they can. With that being said, you better be prepared to be resourceful and like to climb up and down ladders!

I have built all my high tunnels pretty much by myself. Your first one will always take you the longest! The catch to build by yourself is invent a second pair of hands. For me it was huge spring clamps or a big pipe clamp and a big "C" clamp. These served as my second hands when I needed a little help. The only time you will need help is pulling the plastic. I have done it by myself, once, and probably never again. It just works much better with two or even three people. I suppose you could round up a few helpers when that time comes around. The only other time would be when it is time to put up the arches/ribs. I had to have my wife come out for 5 minutes to put up the ribs on my movable buildings when I made them.

As far as getting the building square and setting the stake holes, in the location you are building, do you have something to square it off of? An existing building, a road, a fence, a property line that you could pull a string off of? If so, that would be the easiest. For me everything is square off the property line barb wire fence. Our house sits at an angle, so that didn't help.

If you have something to pull off of, then pull off your desired length and then using the 3, 4, 5 and the pythagorean theorem you will have a square building.

I prefer to square up the building, TAKE YOUR TIME! a few extra minutes/hours getting the measurements correct will make a much better building in the long run. I set backer boards and run string lines down each side of the building. Then also on the ends. I measure my diagonals to ensure it is square and when I am within a 1/4 of an inch I call it good enough. Next mark your holes, dig and set your posts, with the posts touching, not pushing your string lines.

I have posted a link to a book that has lots of good info on how to prep a site for a high tunnel. It is a good resource.

Let me know how I could help.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Hoophouse Handbook

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