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jmwemt(PA)April 26, 2005


I'm new to the idea of a moon garden, but would like to try it. My yard is very small, so I was wondering if this kind of garden can be done in large pots, then do you bring them in for the winter? Also where can I geet dusty miller, artemisia, lambs ear, ipomoea alba, snow white carnations, and are all these plants moon plants, annual or perininal? To have a moon garden sounds like it would be very nice. I also have other plants in yard, I like lots of smell, nice looking flowers, lots of color. My zone is 5. On a different subject of plants quick, I'm looking for plants that are mostly a vine, and that attract the hummingbirds, can anyone please help me. Thanks, jmwemt

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Joyce Knight

Yes,you can do your moongarden in pots and bring them in side in the winter. You should be able to find most of the plants you named at a Lowes or Home Depot,if you have one in your area. I can send you 10 packs of seed for sasbe. It will include white moonflower vine, passion flower vine,hyacinth bean vine,red cypress vine and red morning glory. The cypress vine and the moonflower vine will definitely atttract hummingbirds. Joyce

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