Night Blooming Jasmine

angelwings8(z9 FL)April 30, 2005

Last year I bought from a reputable nursery here locally what was labeled as a night blooming jasmine. It has a white star shaped, 8 petal flower and the petals are very slender, but it has no fragrance. I am wondering if this is really a night blooming jasmine. The plant is very large and looks to be very healthy. Anyone with any ideas?

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sinner_gurl(LA z9& HUMID!)

Does its flowers open at night or during the day? Mine is a shrubby bush not a vine. It has small long white tubular- like flowers that only open at night. The name is cestrum nocturnum. The fragrance seems more noticeable on hot humid/muggy summer nights for some reason. They are in the back yard and if it is blooming and the wind is just right I can smell it all the way from the driveway in the front of the house. I've heard some people say that it takes a while for the scent to develop on new plants but I would think since you bought yours a year ago it should have scent by now. If the wind is still you may have to be right near it to smell it. They will get white berries on them after the flowers die and fall off. You can plant these to get new plants or take cuttings. Sometimes they will freeze to the ground and then come back in the spring. I fertilize mine once or twice during the growing season with miracle grow. Perhaps yours will have a stronger scent during the summer months like mine do.

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