Strange thing with my moon flower starts

sudimari(z5 IN)April 6, 2005

Okay...I know this forum isn't the busiest in the world. But I'm hoping to get some info on this strange thing I see happening.

I started some moonflowers (and morning glory at same time) in peat pellets. They are doing okay...about 75% either have roots starting and/or green stems. Strange thing is the ones with the stems....the stems are growing up from the peat, but the seed is now at the top of the stem like where you would expect the leaves/flowers to bud out. Is that normal for these plants?

I'm going to have to move them into small pots since I can't safely plant for another 4-6 weeks. Should I make sure the seed on the ones with stems go under the soil? I was planning on putting the pellets into some 4" containers and adding potting soil. Now I'm I bury the whole plant on the "odd" ones? bend the stem over gently to place the seed into the soil? YIKES!

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julie_mn(z4 MN Henn)

Perfectly normal! The root of the seed has made it out of the casing- where as the leaves have not yet. Be very careful if you try to "help" them out- you dont want to damage those first leaves...

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sudimari(z5 IN)

Thank you very much for the information. They are growing like crazy right now. I have a lot of leaves partially covered by the seed..some the leaves surrounding the seed almost looks like an odd little flower!

I still haven't moved the peat pellets into pots, but I've got to do it soon. Wish I could just put them in the ground, but it still gets a little to cold at times.

Funny moon flowers seem to have taken off a lot better than the morning glory seeds. I must have gotten some bad packages of m. glory seeds.

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What I do with them is when they look really ready to come out, like most of the cotyledon is out, I spritz them with water, and keep spritzing them as they start to dry out, and keep the seed coat really moist for like, a half hour or something, and it will lift off very gently without damaging anything.

Sometimes when they get too big with the seed coat on them, the cotyledons look a little less than perfect when they come out, but they still work out.

This is only my second year doing them, but they seem to appreciate the help :-) Besides, I can imagine it could eventually cause problems for the really stubborn ones when the true leaves come out (well, maybe not, but I've never pushed it long enough to find out!).

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