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maypop(z7 NC)April 23, 2005


I was given some plants for which the owner did not have a clue as to what it really was. Her husband was given the plant, and he wasn't told what it was either. It looks like a dandelion to begin with, but grows tall to about 4 ft. Her description when she gave it to me was that it blooms yellow flowers about 9:00 at night and you can literally see the bush shaking when the flowers pop open. "It is a site to behold". I don't know what it is but had to have one. I took a look at evening primrose but it doesn't look the same. These leaves are thicker and wider. Hers also seed out readily as there are small plants everywhere, but appears to come back from the roots as well. I would appreciate anyone who could possible help. I would much prefer to call this plant by its name rather than that "weed looking plant that blooms at night".


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There are many species of Evening Primrose of many different leaf types. One yellow flowered species that grows pretty tall is Oenothera hookeri. The fact that it opens at night is one good indicator. Does it also have four petals? All Evening Primroses do.



Here is a link that might be useful: O. hookeri

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