moon flower seeds

rere53(7)April 1, 2006

My husband and I have moon flowers that reach 9 feet tall. We save seeds and give them to people who wish to have a moon garden themselves. We have also ordered several varieties of angel trumpets which closely resembles a moon flower. We will have seeds starting this year. If there is anyone that would like seeds please email me and leave an email address so that we can contact you when we have seeds.

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That is so cool! This is my first year planting moon flowers and I hope that they will come up.

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mseduc8or(z8 MS)

I would love something to start a moon garden. I have been dreaming about one for a few years.

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gardenmaker79(zone 4/5)

I would love some of your moonflower seeds when they are readyy.

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I would love to have any extra seeds you are willing to part with. I am in the process of starting a moon garden and I so excited.
thanks christie

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I have white moon flower seeds, but understand there is other colors, does anyone have any other colors they would like to share?

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I would love anything different in western NY. Everyone is looking for but can't find moon flowers around here.

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natalie4b(7b GA)

I would love some seeds when they are available. Please e-mail me

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I too would love some moonflower seeds. if you've got any extra, my e-mail address is I could even trade you some purple morning glory seeds, we're up to our ears in them!

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I have what I presume to be seeds pods as shown below. My question: how long does it usually take for them to 'ripen'? I have had some ther for more than a month, as it hasn't seemed to change. This is the first time I have grown Moonflowers and I planted 2 seeds by a small trellis by our patio. They have performed 'famously' with 5-8 blooms per afternoon/night.

I have just noticed that one 'pod' seems to be drying out.

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moonflowermaniac62(z6 NJ)

They can take a long time to dry out (as like they do growing and blooming). Eventually you will see the pod start turning brown and crispy and the pod will turn brown and the seeds

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moonflowermaniac62(z6 NJ)

Sorry, I thought I had edited my post ... and meant to say, when the pod turns brown and crusty, the seeds will come out easily.

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I have several pods that are not quite ready to pick, but it is supposed to freeze tonight. I don't want to lose them because I have only gotten two seeds from this plant. Can anyone tell me if I should cut them and let them dry inside or just let them go?
Thanks for your help.

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in haveing trouble getting started with my garden. iv reserched and i know lots of names of the plants i want but i cant seem to find a place to get them or their seeds. please help. im also wanting to use them for mosiquito control if anyone has any suggestions please contact me.

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I can't believe it!
I have been pining for Moon flower seeds since I first saw them! God bless you! my email address is:
If you have some to share!
Kathy S kasha77

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My moonflowers did well last year, big and beautiful. But this year the sprouts seem very unhappy. I have lost quite a few. Maybe I have not kept them warm enough. Maybe I have started them too early, but I think I started them this early last year too. How do others tend to their moonflower seedlings?

Audrey, Brooklyn NY

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Hi everyone, I am new to this site and was wondering if anyone had any extra seeds for a moonflower bush. My mom had a plant when I was living at home and now I would like my own bush. I am not able to find any seeds for the bush. I talked to the greenhouse and they dont cary any moonflowers at all.

    Bookmark   May 12, 2008 at 12:36PM
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