Moonflower question

Sari_by_night(5)April 1, 2004

Okay. My first experiment with Moonflowers. Here's what I did, hoping I didn't do anything wrong.

I soaked the seeds over night...actually, one of them had a little sprout coming out of it hours later!! Anyway, then I put them in a potting soil/peat mix and put 'em in little peat pots. (BTW, I nicked some of them too, as an experiment, and it didn't seem to make a lick of difference). Also, since I have read to put them 1" deep, and some say 1/2" deep, I put some about 1", some about 3/4" and some just over 1/2" deep. (thought I'd cover all the bases)

Anyway, they have been sitting here in a bright window for two days... how long should I wait before getting concerned that nothing is happenening? (I know, it's only been two days LOL)

Also, how moist should I be keeping them? Moist, but not wet, I figure. Last night, the soil had completely dried out, so I soaked them. This morning, they are only barely moist. I don't want to rot them, but I don't want to dehydrate them either :-(

Any tips or corrections or anything for me here? It would be appreciated:-)

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austinl(Little Rock, AR, 8a)

You did everything exactly right! Keep them warm and water them again tomorrow if the soil is drying. Keep them moist, but not soggy.

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Allrighty, thanx for the reply. Appreciated.

Now. Is room temperature warm enough? I'm thinking, that they might want something a little 'more'...? My apartment is pretty toasty tho, about 24 C (75.2 F, apparently)

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austinl(Little Rock, AR, 8a)

No problem...this forum is relatively dead most of the time. I check it ocassionally.

They should be very happy at 75 degrees. Just give them some time.

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Xeorsos(z7/8 TX)

Yeah, with these buggers it's all about time.

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I HAVE MOONFLOWERS! YAY! Then, I went and did something dumb. Ugh.

this morning,, I saw 4 were coming up. One of which is coming up, (how I thought) all funny.

I look, and the seed end, almost completely intact, is sticking ou of the soil. WTF, I thought.

So I..(dumbly) dig. Gently, but I dig, never the less, and discovered a nice long (and now, freshly exposed and completely disturbed) root, happily burrowing deepp into the peat pot. (why would I do that. WHY would I do that.)

Everyone says they are hard to transplant and that the roots hate being disturbed, but I put it pack anyway. Here's hoping I didn't kill one of my precious moonflowers :-(

LOL I am such a newbie! On the happy side of things, I'm going to have WAY too much of everything else I planted! *happy* I consider that a good thing. The only thing I won't have too much of is the moonflowers.

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austinl(Little Rock, AR, 8a)

They are tougher than you think. As long as you didn't break the root, I'd say it will be okay.

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jblum(z6 NY)

I planted mine around two weeks ago, and so far there's nothing. I soaked them over night, planted them in a moist peat pot in a sunny South facing window. It has been kind of cold recently; could that be the problem, or could it be the moisture? Any other ideas? I'll try another batch when it starts to warm up.

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Set them on a heating pad and stand back! Mine popped up so fast, it looked overnight like a volcano was forming.

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Busy bee ,I'm definitely trying that heating pad tip! But, the newbie dumb questions prevail. Sorry!But, here goes: 1) are you soaking them when you use the pad? or is that carryover into little pots with earth in them?; 2) is it underneath the tray, dish,pot or whatever, or is it sort of loosely bllanketed by the pad?; 3) How long is it used;4) and am I close in thinking you KEEP the temp. close to 75 deg f.? 4)Does the 'nicking' result in a chip off of it, or a slice into it?5) Is the moon flower as invasive as its 'runnin' partner', the morning glorey ? OOOOhh ssshhhhh------! NOW THAT IS DDUUUMBBB! lol, , my goodness, please! keep that between us! But, SOMEbody had to do it! Thanks for the enjoyment of the thread and wonderful advice and patience!POPNY

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Pantagruelia(6a, ON)

Hello Popny,

I'm a fellow newbie and I've started some seeds too (although much later that you ) and am just as eager but did most of my "Oh, my gawd. Is anything happening?" poking, prodding, early transplanting and over watering in Feb/March with some graciously forgiving but ridiculously overgrown morning glorys (they're still alive and climbing like crazy!!!). Thanks for posting! All I've read has been very helpful in alleviating some of my own seedling anxieties!

Do you think I've started my moonflower seeds too late for zone 6? They weren't easy to come by and I just found them at a garden centre on the weekend!!!


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ChaseUdn(z7 OKC/OK)

Moonflower vine seeds are definately tough to germinate. I nick the seed with a fingernail file and then soak (about 20 hours). Then I put them in a wet (wrining out the excess water) coffee filter and fold the filter like a pie. Then I put them in ziploc baggies and attach them to the side of the fridge with a magnet. I get germination in about 3 days or so. This year I had about 90% germ rates....normally I feel lucky if I get 50%.

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I am resurrecting this thread which is almost a year old! Popny had asked if moonflower vines are invasive as their cousins the morning glories. I don't know if that is such a "dumb" question. I was hoping someone had answered it because about 2 weeks ago I started about 10 moonflower seeds all around my patio. A few have come up already. Am I asking for trouble? Are they going to be sending runners or rhizomes all over the neighborhood? LOL! I have no previous experience with either moonflowers or morning glories so I am asking while I can still go out there and dig up all the seedlings while they are young.

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agood(Ont. Can)

Hi I have a question about some moonflowers I planted. My moonflower is about 5 weeks old and has two leaves fully developed. Earlier in the week I noticed some small white bugs on the leaves. They seem to be eating some of the plant. Do you have any idea what they might be?
Thank you.

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abq_bob(USDA 5a/SS 2A)

Moonflowers don't seem to be invasive for me. Morning Glory is pretty invasive here, even though it's an annual, it reseeds very heavily here in Zone7. And I'm not talking about bind-weed either. Never had a problem with Moonflowers though, and actually have some started for this year in seed pots.

In your zone10, they may reseed a bit more successfully than here in zone7. I've always had to puroposely replant them.

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whitejade(z5 MI)

I don't know if I discovered anything related to great moonflower germination rates but I will share anyway , just in case it is "something". Moonflowers seeds are hard to come by here too and in the packets I buy there are only a small number of seeds. The one I bought to sow indoors had only 7 seeds!

But - wonder of wonders, they all came up! 100% germination rate! I have not ever had that happen for moonflowers . I planted these in a different way, which was this:

Soaked them 20 - 24 hours (the standard protocol) and then planted them *in a circle* around a 12 inch clay pot. I planted them in the circle because I wanted to put bamboo stakes in the center, as they will be growing indoors all the time - however, there IS something about circular energy (think "stonehenge" or stone circles) and maybe this was good for the seeds???
I also need to share that the soil I used was the usual soil-less seed starting container mix PLUS some charcoal and some small lava rocks added to it. It's possible those were helpful too, I just don't know, but this is the first time I'd amended the soil that way...(the lava rocks are mixed into the soil not on top of it - so I am thinking they are not really absorbing heat - but definitely are making for great drainage .

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jroot(5A Ont. Canada (near Guelph))

Wow, I haven't started mine yet, here in zone 5 Canada. I don't think I want them to be spindly, but maybe I should. The package says, "April 15th" is the the best planting time, since I can't put them out until June 1st.

I do like the idea of the circular planting though, especially since you will be adding a stake to the centre. Well thought out.

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angiebug(z8a LA)

Anyone have any advice about whether moonflowers grow better in containers or in the ground? I have a bed of rather poor soil (alot of clay) around the structure I want my moonflowers to climb. So...should I plant in the ground or container?

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sudimari(z5 IN)

Okay, back to the question about how invasive. Last year I had morning glories on two sections of my fence...they were gorgeous. Took off like gangbusters. I germinated moonflowers but for several reasons never got them into the ground. So this year I have 3 types of morning glories and 2 packs of moonflower seeds.

I'm soaking both currently, hope to start them in peat pellets this evening or tomorrow morning. My question is when I take them outdoors in a couple weeks can I mix the pellets in the areas where my fence is? Will the moonflowers be vigorous enough to grow mixed in with the morning glories? Or do I need to do one length of fence morning and one moon?

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ericabrose(z5 IL)


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chuckr30(z5, GR-MI)

EricaBrose, cover them each night with a pot or plastic jug, so they will be somewhat protected. Plastic pots are fine if you place a rock on top so they don't blow off. Take off the pot during the day if it gets warmer than 60F.

It also sounds like you didn't give them time to "harden off" by placing them outside during the day for a week or two, before planting them willy nilly outside. If they die, that's ok. We have all been beginners before and we have all killed seedlings.

Do not dig them up, you could break their roots which will kill them.

If you have bricks, make a brick square around each plant, as high as the plant is, then cover with a wood board. The bricks will absorb heat during the day, and keep the plants warmer at night. The inside of the bricks should be big enough not to squish the plant.

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whitejade(z5 MI)

Just wanted to go back after time had gone by (of my March 15 post above) and share how my moonflowers are doing - which is GREAT! They are still in a 12 inch container indoors - they have grown well past my poles and have been massing together into this big happy mess. What I am absolutely amazed about is that they are putting out full-sized flowers! I had figured they'd be miniature versions but no, they are fully 5-6 inches wide. And smell heavenly :) Each day anywhere from 3 to 8 flowers will open and this has been going on since they first began to bloom on Earth Day (easy to remember date !) I also noticed that these indoor plants are opening their flowers early, in daytime. And that could be a good thing for anyone who can't stay up past 8 pm but still wants to smell these flowers before bed each night !

I do find they are not as strong in fragrance, but I also find they are still the very same haunting, incredible essence that I have smelled outdoors....I love all plants and love fragrance but I'd say this is definitely one of my favorite fragrances....

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Violet_Skies_(5b S.Central WI)

I bought two moonflower plants at the farmer's market and put them in the ground about 3 weeks ago next to my arbors. (I have two arbors next to each other, I planted them at the outside of them). Anyway, they are still only a foot tall, but each has a long bud right out the top of the plant. The bud is light green, not purple as some have mentioned here. Also, some of the lower leaves have gotten brown spots and turned yellow and dropped off. I have fertilized on occasion with a very weak fish/kelp emulsion, they are kept watered, and are mulched with a layer of newspaper wetted down and topped by hardwood mulch. What of the leaf thing? Is it too early to expect much vertical growth yet in my area? One of them is putting out a new leaf shoot on one side so that's encouraging.

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Is it too late to sow seed?

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Grow Moonflowers full sun and well drained soil, in your case clay would NOT be well drained soil. So probably growing them in pots would be best. They do just as well in medium sized pots but you will have to pay more attention to watering since pots dry out faster than the ground.

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I have some brown almost black moonflower seeds in my package,are these okay to plant? New at gardening. Thanks to anyone willing to take time to answer.It is such an awesome feeling when you receive beautiful results.

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backyardigan(6 South Central PA)

I planted some moonflowers about 2 weeks ago and still nothing has sprouted up. I nicked the seeds, it doesn't look as though anything dug them up, I really don't know what happened. We are really just getting our hottest days here this week in south central PA. Anyone with any tips?

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is there anyone out there that is still a fan of moonflowers? I just planted my first moonflower seeds on Sunday morning, after soaking for 24 hrs. . Well here we are Thursday and I already have foliage sprouting. Like a new mom, had to call everyone to tell them.My family and friends are beginning to think I'm losing it.Still not sure on the fertilizing thing,neighbor across the street is a Michiagn State master gardner she said to just make sure roots and base of plants are covered with mulch or other plants.Kinda scared to listen to her though, received some offerings from her that had disease and it wiped out my hostas. Thanks for letting me share my excitement.Oh yeah,I planted my seeds in a circle and nicked them after the soaking,just before planting.

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Wonderful! I just planted seeds about 2 weeks ago. I got 2 out of 10 and am trying to get the others to sprout. They are pesky little buggers. How did you plant yours? Did you get 100% germination? There are several threads about Moonflowers but most are old. Hope you have great luck with your new flowers!!! Keep me posted so I can see how yours do.


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HI! Krazykatz, was beginning to wonder if I was the only one on this post.I soaked mine 24hrs.planted last Sunday[the28th] and today I looked and I have 5 out of 10 so far.I planted them in a half barrel with my morning glories,using manure and hummus mix soil.using a hint from another post about planting in a circle.Very new at gardening,not really sure half the time if I'm doing it right or not.Just making sure I journal everything I do.I have been watering everyother day,we have had alot of rain so I'm kinda judging by my other flowers and plants.The only thing I am worried about are the rabbits,so I've been sprinkling a little cayenne pepper in the planter.Did this with my tulips and the little critters stayed away.Wish i new more to tell you.The only thing I have heard is not to fertilze, the more you fertilize the more foliage you will have.Last year when I planted my morning glories I ucsed bloom booster,vines and leaves everywhere.Don't think I seen my first bloom until late july.So this year I'm gonna let nature take it's course and with alittle help we will have beauty. Sorry so long,it's like finding a new friend.Being none of my other friends like to garden like I do. Best wishes and happy vining to you,please let me know how your flowers are coming along also. Micki

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wynative(z5 WY)

Hi everyone,

5 years ago I bought this REALLY HUGE plant that our local junk-all store was trying to kill with lack of water for $3.00. I planted it and water, water, water... It was gorgous all summer, then I looked up the name. Yes, I had a Moon Flower bush.

I lovingly harvested seeds, keeping about 50 for myself and using the others as gifts for other gardener's that had admired my beauty. Each year starting 10 seeds...

Fast forward to present day ~ I have yet to get even a single seed to germinate!! So, when I was at Grandma's last week, I notice that there were at least 4 of the little beauty's that I gave her seeds for 4 years ago were growing and ask her why she planted again this year. She has sold her house and we were getting the last of her things out. She said that they were from the ORIGINAL seeds that she planted???? I do the "OMG" look, beg and plead with her to let me dig them up and cry like a baby when she said yes!!

No, I don't think I over reacted. You have NO idea how hard I have tried to get these to grow!

The biggest 2 of the 4 plants that I dug up had quite large tap roots (I didn't know they were that big) and I kind-of hacked away at them thinking they were tree roots or bound grass roots. They wilted a bit before I could get them into their new home but seem to be coming out of it (I hope)

My question: Is there any thing special I should be doing to help with their survial? Fertilize? Mulch? Whatever??

Thanks in advance,

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Ok, now I'm totally confused... This year I went to the spring perennial plant exchange, in April, and a lady gave me some thorny seed pods which she said were Moon flowers... A few weeks later I tossed 20 or so loose seeds in a big pot and the squirrels promptly dug them up... I put some more in the pot along with one whole seed pod and covered the pot with chicken wire... lol

Low and behold, EVERY single seed has sprouted... I didn't soak them or anything else, just tossed them in the pot, smoothed out the soil and watered... I left the pot on the cement patio until they started sprouting then moved the pot to the corner garden... Since then I've been pulling out seedlings, trying to thin them out to 5 or 6 plants but they just keep sprouting...

Now I'm wondering if they truly are Moon flower... The seeds pods are sorta oval, about 3 inches long and have picky things all around and has a small 'crown' where the stem is... The top of the pods opened into 4 sections and curled downward... The seeds themselves are black and oddly shaped, about the size of the o's at the top of the screen in the words 'log out'.... The leaves on the seedlings started out long, skinny and oval... The bigger plants, about 8 inches high, have four leaves at the top, one that's long and oval and three that are different sizes and sorta resemble poinsettia leaves... Do I have a Moon Flower???


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does not sound like you have the bush type called Datura
those seed pods are balls with spines sticking out from them, you brake those open to reveal hundreds of seeds that resemble those you find inside green peppers
Hope this helps,

My name is Ted and I am new to this web site, but it does look like the place to be. I am retired and not too much of a gardener, but I am learning.

MOON FLOWERS , as far as I know are basically two types, The vine like Morning Glory called Ipomoea, and a small plant, some are calling a bush, that grows about 2+ feet in height with equal width called Datura. It is the latter than I am familiar with.

I purchased a pot containing three plants two years ago and was amazed at the large white flowers that opened at night, I live in central New Jersey and no one in my neighborhood had ever had any and everyone wanted one. Having a BROWN thumb I was certain that they would not last long, but they did, flower after flower until late fall.
Each flower that dies formed a prickly ball type sphere that if left on the plant would split open and drop seeds.

I picked these pods as they turned brown but before they split open, brought them in the house and let them finish drying out. I then split open the pods and removed the hundreds of seeds, placing them in a plastic container that some Won Ton soup came in.
They sat on top of my dishwasher, which is next to a window, all winter and up to early April.

I have a large pedestal type pot at my front door that we plant every spring with annuals, I told my wife I needed to use it before she planted. I mixed in some all purpose plant fertilizer in the old potting soil/top soil mixture that was left from the previous year and took about 20-25 seeds and just mashed them into the loose soil. Some could still be seen and others not when I was finished. I soaked/drowned the pot with so much water some of the seeds was floating on the water.

I soaked this pot daily until I could actually see little plants punching up in the dirt, at that time I just kept the dirt wet, not moist, but wet from then on. I harvested about 15-18 plants that are now about 1.5 feet high and growing. No I do not need all those plants, but not too shabby for Mr. Brown Thumb. I have given all but 4 away; Those 4 will give me more seeds than I will ever need for next year.

This unscientific method has worked for someone who could not grow rice in Japan for two years now. I hope it helps you. This is a plant, with large trumpet like white flowers.

If any of you have any seeds of different color flowers I would love to exchange some with you.

Teddy P

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Hey there Teddy I think you are the same Ted who sent me some Moonflower seeds? I have one HUGE plant that I think is a moonflower that sounds like Rita's seed pods. They are oval or circular with spikes comeing out of the top. The pod peels apart kinda like an orange but with no pulp in between the pieces. The seeds were stuck inside. They are all dark as well where as yours were light tan in color. Are they good? They are almost black in color. Is it just a different variety of Moonflower?


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Rebecca, most of my seeds were black but there were some tan ones... They both produced plants... Mine are a light lilac with dark purple throats... I don't have much sun in my back yard so the plants only got a couple of feet high...


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west_texas_peg(8a West Cen TX)

I have a Moon Flower bush in my back garden that is 6-7' across and over 4' tall; one night a week or so ago it had about 100 flowers on it.

Seed pods have thorns so I don't bother with them...just let them self seed. I never fertilize or water; no need. Do a Google search and you will see they are considered a weed in some places (Jimson Weed). Mine die back with the first freeze, but are back the next spring when the seeds that were self sown begin to grow. They have a huge tap root, my DH tried to pull one up and discovered that root went really DEEP! Our dog is small and she loves to go under our large Moon Flower looking for lizards who live in and under it.

I'm planning a Moon Garden for next year so I will take a couple of the seed pods and put where I want to start the bed. Now to decide whatelse to put in the bed.

Good luck with your Moon Flowers.


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Some of you may find this interesting
It costs $10.00 for a year membership
I just joined, well worth the 10 bucks,
They do have non-member forums also that are free

A lot of good, but also a lot of mis-information
For clarity
Moonflowers are part of the nightshade family of plants
ALL of them are poisonous, (lady with the little dog)
They contain high concentrates of alkaloids

Datura= Devils Trumpet, Thorn Apple, and a few other names
Brugmansia=Angels Trumpet

Datura are pretty much bushes while,
Brugmansia are vines often trimmed and shaped to form trees

There are a few different types of Datura, The most common in the US I believe is Datura Inoxia which yes is considered a weed (Jimson Weed)

There are also a few different types of Brugmansia

About planting the seeds, (Datura)Outdoors, leave Âem alone and they will reseed
Above zone 7 they are perennial
Below zone 7 annual that will reseed on their own

Brugs are another story entirely

Hope this helps


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west_texas_peg(8a West Cen TX)


Well, aware moon flower is poisonous. That is why I wear gloves when I handle the Thorn Berries, etc. Don't worry, the dog is not interested in the plant and seldom remains under the plant for long, just long enough to flush out the lizards.

I did not grow these when I had small children/grandchildren in my garden, mother-in-law did and this was her garden and her plant. I hate the smell of them (think I'm a little allergic), others love the smell. I do think the flowers are very pretty, especially when there are dozens on one plant. Next year I will have one in my cottage garden in my front beds. Didn't this year because DH was painting the front of our house (stomping on that bed).


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I have a question. This is my first year growing moonflowers and I noticed here the last couple of weeks that there are lots of ants on my moon flower and they seem to be very interested in the seed pods. I haven't sprayed the ants yet because I was wondering if the moonflower needs the ants like the peony plants do? Does any one know? ARe the ants helping the plant like they do the peony plant? Or do they need to be exterminated? Thanks, This is a great forum!

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Planting Moonflowers is very new to me. This year I started two packs of seeds in doors in February. Needless to say I have one plant that survived and is planted in a container outside. It is about 5 inches tall with tons of leaves on it but still no blooms. I was told that moonflowers do well in East sun? But everything I've been reading has been saying West sun? How do I get my plant to grow and bloom? I know when I did grow morning glories that they really didn't start germinating on their own out side till June, and flowered till the end of July and August. Is this the same for moonflowers? Well someone, please fill me in with some pointers. I am really hoping to have a moonflower vine this summer. Oh and if any one was wondering my type of Moonflower is called Giant White calonyction. I'd really appreciate your advice. :D

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Ipomoea alba does better facing east where I live, but it also needs shade during the afternoon, or constant watering. Experiment and adjust as needed.

And to answer the question of the poster before you (though the post is a year old), ants like the seedpods of Datura plants because of the nutritious elaiosomes on the seeds. They'll take the seeds back to their nest, eat the elaiosome, then discard the seed, allowing it to germinate in the rich refuse of the colony. It's just another way for the seed to get around.

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Hi All,

My neighbor and I planted these for the first time. The vines are healthy and upwards of 12ft. HOWEVER,(jealous) her vine is blooming and mine is not. I thought I had several dozen buds but they have not produced the spiral bud :( Through researching online and veiwing pics- it seems that what I thought were baby buds are really "unripened seed pods".I seem to have skipped a whole phase! LOL. What does this mean? No blooms ? Collect pods now? Please help- :)

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I have been growing Moonflowers for over 5 years and too boot in the shade too! They only get morning sun for a couple of hours then it goes right into full shade. There is alot of leaves though, but they are very beautiful as well, just huge leaves. I also get loads of flowers as well in the evening.
I have been growing them in a long planting box and continue to nourish them each year. That was up in Prince George, Bc, and the growing season is very short.
I am looking forward to this year cause I now have moved down to the coast where the growing season is alot longer. And to be very honest, I am very excited to get going again...

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I was just wondering what the round prickly thing is on my moon flower vine?

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How many days , from sprouting, does it take the Moonflower Vine to bloom?
My seedlings, the few that made it...2 packs...8 survivors...are about 3" tall.

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This thread is ancient, but I'm hoping someone will see my question. I have moonflower seeds germinating in a pot. They've all produced a root stem, but they keep popping up to ground level, so that the top of the seed pod is slightly exposed. I've kept putting a bit more dirt around the seeds that have done this (so far about five of them)...but I can't find any information about whether this is normal, or whether it's the result of the seeds being too shallow in the ground. Any clues would be much appreciated. I don't want to delay germination, but I am anxious that the seed pods could dry out if they're exposed to the light.

ps. I keep them moist but not wet, and they have a nice spot on my balcony with bright indirect light all day and full sun in the afternoon. That's the only spot they can no morning sun available.

Any advice?

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The little seedling is trying to push itself up out of the dirt,,,dont put anymore dirt on it!! The seed itself is worn like a cap until the seedling leaves emerge and has the strength to push it off. does that even make sense? ..more coffee.

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I was thinking of trying to grow moon flowers, it is almost the end of July so I don't think it would be a good idea to plant them now, they won't grow enough to bloom this year. Would it be possible to grow them inside like I did the morning glories? I don't have a lot of room and I would love to have some, they are beautiful! I also have a flourescent lamp that I use all the time, would it help out? I could use some advice, I live in zone 6.

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I'm resurrecting this thread for a question.

I'm trying to grow a moonflower or two indoors over the winter as houseplants and take them outside when the weather gets warm again. I know my bedroom is warm enough--warmer than the rest of the house. My question is: Do moonflowers keep inside well? I can deal with giant vines, but I'm concerned about the health of the plant itself.

For reference, if anyone wants it:

I had no trouble starting my moonflower. I soaked three seeds in some tap water in a little dish filled with pop can tabs (to keep them submerged). After that, I let them sit in my west window on some damp garden soil, and they took off. When they ALL cracked open (which I was not expecting), I transferred them to separate pots gently before the roots could grow out.

One has rotted and been discarded, and one is growing very slowly, but the third has taken off like a shot. They're being watered with filtered water from the kitchen sink--no fertilizer, nothing really special--and being grown in ceramic seedling pots, which have drainage holes. There's a plastic bag or a glass dish under each.

I didn't think to nick them, only did what the package said and soaked them. The soil is pretty fertile, but from what I've read, they don't really care. The filtered water thing is important for any plant, though. Salt from the water softener isn't good for plants.

I have most of my experience from starting seeds for my veggie garden. I happen to be pretty good with vines--cucumbers, morning glories, squash... actually, the way I grow tomatoes, they're almost like vines themselves unless we get them on trellises. What can I say? Iowa summers and lots of rain (or good sprinklers) do that.

Also, if my cat thinks he's going to eat these, I'll have to give them to my neighbor. Hope he doesn't. He's not a big plant eater, but still.

Hailing from Iowa, Zone 5, by the Mississippi River
--Rebekah, 15

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Is it a good idea to keep plastic on the pots that have seeds in them? I have two seedlings that have come up and several more soaking, I have 4 soaking between a coffee filter and paper towel, put into a saucer and put in a plastic baggie, I have left it open should I close it or just leave it open. How can you get the greenhouse effect for the seeds I have already planted? I have plastic on all the pots except the one that has the seedlings in it. I have a heating pad but it is a moist/dry one from Wal-Marts, would it be alright to put the two pots on it that have the seeds in them? I would put them on the pellet stove but am afraid it would bake them, the heating pad is beginning to sound better and better.

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I just planted my moonflower ( in full sun ) but then I was told that I should have slowly introduced it to the sun or it could cook it :O( Is this true??

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